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April 10, 2009

You’re in for a shock!

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Have you got nerves of steel? You’ll soon find out when you play Shocking Roulette. No, not Russian Roulette – that’s pure madness. Who in their right mind would risk a bullet in the head just to play a game? Shocking Roulette, on the other hand, retains the suspense and intrigue, but the worst you’ll suffer is a small electric shock. Still, you’d be surprised at how quickly grown men and women turn to jelly when they place their fingers into the electronic chambers and wait nervously to see who will receive the ‘shock’.

Players place their fingers in one of the chambers on the board, the start button is pressed and the agonising wait begins! The tension mounts as the unit beeps and the lights flash around the board, imitating the sound of the ball on a traditional roulette wheel. But, unlike the casino, the only prize in this game is the relief when you realise you’ve escaped a shock. Then you can relax and laugh at the unlucky ‘victim’. Beware, they’ll probably suggest another round and it’s only a matter of time until it’s your finger that gets a jolt. And once you’ve seen the reaction of other people as they’re shocked, the pressure builds even more, until you just want to get your turn over and done with! When the bleeping stops, the screaming starts!

You don’t need skill or dexterity to play this Shocking Roulette, you just need a large dose of courage! When we tested it in our office, some people even jumped when it wasn’t them who got the shock – absolutely hilarious! Four people can play at any one time, but you can get just as much amusement watching the apprehensive expressions on the players (or should we say potential victim’s!) faces as they anticipate a shock. This is the game that separates the men from the boys and some people just can’t handle it, pulling their finger out at the last minute before anything happens. You can point at these people and call them ‘wimps’!

Perfect for livening things up at parties or having a laugh at your local, Shocking Roulette is the game that creates a real ‘buzz’! Much more fun than the practice of drawing the short straw, it’s the ideal way to decide who gets the next round in!

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