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April 17, 2009

Work-At-Home-Moms Have Lot Of Business With Cute Teddy Bears

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Work-at-home-moms from all over the world are realizing that business is booming with cute teddy bears. Everyone loves teddy bears and they can be given away for just about any occasion.

You’ve got cute teddy bear for birthdays, careers, holidays, graduating, sports, designer bears and many others.  So, if you want to start earning a little bit of money you can join one of several different companies, unless you want to venture out and start your own business.

They can become an affiliate to a teddy bear company and sell their cute teddy bears. Build a Bear has parties that’ll allow the consumer to build their own cute teddy bears.

As an affiliate they’ll shop up to the party with the supplies needed, from the bodies, stuffing to the outfits that they’ll wear.

Kids have a blast with this and they can probably make a few extra dollars for those parents that brought over an extra child or want to have one for them.

They might even be able to convince them to sign up under them as an affiliate. Selling cute teddy bears at these types of parties are never hard.

The means of selling cute teddy bears made in your home:

In order to sell teddy bears they’ll have to get the word out and the best way to do this is by having a party. Everyone loves parties, especially women and when there is free stuff.

Make sure to have one or two prizes to give away and a signup sheet for who’ll have the next party. Keep in mind if you offer a gift for the person that has the next sign party, you’ll probably have several want to do it.

If you are a work-at-home mom starting your own business, make sure you have lots of business cards to pass out. You may even be able to get a store to place one of your cute teddy bears at their checkout if you hold a contest.

Make sure your bear is there and try purchasing something from the store, i.e., nail salon would love a Free Set of Nails as a prize and word gets out.

Selling cute teddy bears can be a lot of fun and you get out of the house meeting others. You can use teddy bears for just about everything, decorating a kid’s room to having them as gifts at a baby shower. Work-at-home moms won’t be having hard time making money with their teddy bears.

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