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April 10, 2009

Wikipedia Tools

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capture6We live in a rapidly changing world and the information we need are scattered all over the web. Wikipedia simplifies our quest for information as it allows everyone with access to the internet to add and edit articles. Whether you are looking for information related to an event that took place hundreds of years ago or something that just took place, Wikipedia is your one stop information hub. Although simple and easy to use, there are a few tools that can help you take your Wikipedia experience to the next level. From analyzing internet trends based on the popularity of an entry to using a special browser created for Wikipedia, these five tools will help you get the most out of this amazing service.

Analyze Trending Topics

Wikirank is a service that allows you to see the trending topics on Wikipedia. It is based on the actual data usage from the Wikipedia servers. Wikipedia has become a major source for online information and with the help of this service it is much easier to track the hot topics. It also lets you see the most read articles in the last 30 days, allows you to compare articles on a graph chart and embed it on your website.


Dynamic Version Of Wikipedia Entries

Wikipedia-roll is a dynamic way to browse articles on wikipedia. The box on the left provides information related to the topic and on the right you can see a visual roll that shows all the topics related to the article. It presents the article visually in the form of a timeline but based on topics. To read more about a topic related to your search, click on that particular topic on the roll and the information appears in the box to the left.

Analyze Most Edited Articles

Wikirage is a service that tracks articles that have been edited the most in Wikipedia. It allows you to see top 30 pages that have been edited in the last hour, 6 hours, one day, three days and 30 days. Some people might not find a use for this service, but if you want to find an alternative to traffic data for judging trends, wikipedia edits can give you a peek into what is hot on the internet.


The Wikipedia Browser

Gollumis a Wikipedia Browser for fast and eyefriendly browsing through the free encyclopedia “Wikipedia”. Gollum gives you access to nearly all Wikipedias in all languages. Further more Gollum gives you some special features which allow you to easily customize your work with Wikipedia. To use this browser visit Gollum and click the button on the right that says “Start Gollum Browser.” Available in 32 languages.

Combine The Power Of Google And Wikipedia

Googlepedia is a Firefox extension that allows you to find relevant Wikipedia articles along with your search results on google. With this extension you can have the best search engine and the best encyclopedia on the web help you get the information you need with a click.


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