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April 10, 2009

What Is Thrill Behind Bow And Arrow Hunting?

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bow and arrow huntingAs a young adult and you like to hunt with Dad using a gun. You enjoy the excitement when spotting your game but want to use a bow and arrow instead of a gun.

Bow and Arrow hunting can be a very big challenge and rewarding sport. Hunting with a bow like gun hunting takes a lot of patience and skill in order to make bow and Arrow hunting fun and rewarding.

There are two different kinds of bow hunters on is a still-hunter and the other is a stalk-hunter. The stalking hunter is known to be the easiest for finding your Bow and Arrow hunting.

How does still hunter perform Bow and Arrow hunting?

The still-hunter does a lot of walking; standing and looking for his Bow and Arrow hunting in order to get a good clear shot once, he sees it. The hunter has to creep upon his Bow and Arrow hunting before he sees him in order to close the distance.

Bow and Arrow hunting takes a lot of skill to be able to close in without being heard or seen. Any little noise will run the Bow and Arrow hunting away.

How does stalk hunter perform Bow and Arrow hunting?

The stalking-hunter uses binoculars to find his Bow and Arrow hunting so he doesn’t have to do so much walking, standing, and looking.  Just stands in one spot and look until he spots what he is hunting. Once again when he spots his game, he has to close in and here comes the skill of Bow and Arrow hunting.

Closing in the distance between the hunter and the animal without being seen or heard is the hardest. Using the binoculars is the only things that make this hunter an easier task.When your young adult starts Bow and Arrow hunting, he or she will need a few things to aid him in his or her new sport.

Camouflage clothing is necessary so they can be seen from a distance without being seen so they will blend in with the wooded area. Some hunters wear soft boot covers for Bow and Arrow hunting to quiet down their footsteps while walking. Some hunters to keep their scent down so the animal can’t smell them use cover scent.

Following are the Bow and Arrow hunting tips:

A few Bow and Arrow hunting tips for the new hunter are to have a plan and know your area in order to stay hidden. When using binoculars for Bow and Arrow hunting don’t look for the animal as an only look for parts of him like and ear or leg. Patience is a key because you don’t want to be seen or heard so move in slow motion into the wind.

Stand against a tree when movement cuts down looking around for your Bow and Arrow hunting to help steady you so the noise. Make a plan for your Bow and Arrow hunting approach.

When buying your gear to bow hunt you can find them wherever sporting gear is sold.  There are many things out now to assist you in all Bow and Arrow hunting activities that you might find something to help you even more.

Maybe you’ll want a tree stand to put into a tree that you can watch from or a warmer pair of gloves. Be sure you have the proper equipment to make your Bow and Arrow hunting activity enjoyable.

Stay patient, don’t get excited and remember the bow and arrow rules when Bow and Arrow hunting are very important. You don’t want any accidents and always go with someone else.

If something does happen and you fall breaking a leg you have help with you.  Carry a cell phone to make an emergency call if you need so someone can find you in case of an accident or you get lost.

Parents encourage your young adult to continue his new sport especially if he comes home with no game. You can’t always be a winner and Bow and Arrow hunting is a challenge by using their skills not just to get their game.

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