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September 1, 2009

What Are The Ins And Outs Of Chipping In Golf?

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chippingWhat are the ins and outs of chipping in the game of golf? It is a good question for the golf novice to ask.

If you are taking lessons from golf pro, or even a more experienced friend the subject of chipping will come up, and learning this skill will improve your game.

Always remember that a chip shot is preferred when you are a short distance from the putting green. A chip shot is usually accomplished with a low lofted club and the goal is to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible on the green.

Proper chipping:

For proper chipping, choose a club with very low lift. Choices vary but can be a four iron, a seven iron, or anything in between. The golfer should then select a target to aim for on the green and prepare an estimate of where the golfer wants the ball to eventually stop.

The golfer should then grasp the club by the shaft near the grip end. Then the golfer should flex his or her knees to get down to the ball.

The golfer should also keep the ball close to his or her feet and shift most of his or her body weight to the left side, or if left handed to the right side.

Then the golfer should loosen elbows and use a putting stroke, swinging the club an equal distance through the ball.

Tips to follow when chipping:

Tips to follow when chipping include keeping hands even or ahead of the head of the club on the follow through of the stroke.

A player should also have a firm grip on the club preventing the rough from twisting the club when on the swing.  A player should get the ball rolling on the grass as quickly as it can be accomplished, allowing greater and easier shot control.

In deep rough the player should angle his or her club, so that the toe is the only part of the club touching the ground. If playing in downhill or in windy conditions or on what are known as fast greens, the ball chip always be chipped instead of pitching.

Golf players often have a question of when to chip and when to pitch. Remember that the chip is a small swinging and the goal is for the ball to land on the green in a way that will allow it to roll to the hole, or cup.

Pitching is a similar swing but with pitching the ball can land on the front part of the grassy area, or green and roll to the cup, or hole.   When to pitch and when to chip is a matter of individual choice and golfers can disagree on it quite frequently.

Chipping, like most other shots in golf, is improved with practice and serious golfers tend to spend as much time as they can work on chipping. The result of course is an improved game and a better score.

Of course, chipping isn’t the only type of golf shot a serious golfer should work on. Chipping is considered an approach shot, since it is playing into the green from the outside and is played over a short distance.

Other approach shots the golfer must deal with are the pitch and the flop. The pitch is shot that puts the ball on or at least near the green.  A pitch shot can be hit with clubs that range from six iron to lob wedge.

A flop is a higher in approach shot that will stop not long after it hits the ground, and is for times when a player has to deal with an obstacle.  It is often played with a sand wedge or perhaps a lob wedge.

The chip on the other hand is a shot that requires the ball to make a very shallow flight and to then roll out onto the green.  The chip requires a flatter trajectory than the others.

People who are inexperienced at the game of golf often find it confusing, but to a serious golfer with a love of the game there is no confusion whatsoever and deciding on the proper time for a chip shot, a flop, or a pitch is as important as the opening tee time stroke.

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