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September 16, 2009

Verizon Sells Samsung WEP 707 Bluetooth Headset For $10 Then Takes It Back

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I don’t what’s happening with Verizon lately, but we don’t mind. The BlackBerry Storm 9530 now costs $50 and you can get a free one if you qualify for it, but that’s probably because the Storm 2 9550 is coming sometime in mid-October if it were to trust the rumors. Well, here is another deal that was supposed to be great: the Samsung WEP 707 Bluetooth Headset that Verizon was selling today for only $9.97 with free overnight shipping if users used the “FREEOVERNT” coupon code.

It was easy to get one of these and anybody could do it. Users just had to click this or to go to and search for Samsung Bluetooth WEP707 in order to get to the Samsung WEP 707 Bluetooth headset. However this specific product is unreachable at the moment. It just vanished. We don’t know what happened and Verizon didn’t announce anything, but several users reported that they received a cancellation email from carrier as the headset is out of stock. This happened before with the Jawbone, but we didn’t figure that Verizon will do it again.

It is said that the history doesn’t repeat itself, but it has happened before. And not only one time. It happened many times. So what could we do? I ordered myself a Plantronics 835Z Bluetooth Headset which costs only $19.99 down from $79.99. It’s a good deal, but I would have preferred the Samsung Bluetooth WEP707.

Samsung Bluetooth WEP707

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