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September 7, 2009

URL Hacks and Address Bar Commands that Work in All Browsers

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In our previous articles, we have covered the keyboard shortcuts for the most popular browsers out there. Here is the list for Firefox and here for Internet Explorer. Some of these shortcuts tend to the address bar: hit Ctrl+Enter and the browser will complete the www. and the .com part automatically, enter a search query in the browser’s address bar and the browser will display the search results using the default browser, etc.

Here are some shortcuts and tricks that you can do from the address bar in any browser.

Capture a screenshot. If you want a quick screenshot of the page you are currently browsing, add before the http:// part of the URL. For instance, when browsing, turn this into and Aviary will capture a full screenshot of the page.

Download YouTube videos. When viewing a YouTube video, add before the http:// part of the URL and you will be able to download the video in Flash or Quicktime file formats.

Shorten the address. If you want to quickly shorten the URL for a web page, type before the http:// part of the URL and the short form of the ie7-menu-baraddress will be displayed on the next page.

Email current web page. When you want to email the current web page to somebody or even yourself, all you have to do is type the mailto command in the address bar and the default email program will compose the mail. Here is an example for the mailto command: is the email of your contact).

Share a web page. If you don’t get the hang of the mailto command or are using a mobile phone, you can type in your browser’s address bar, before the http:// part, and you will be able to share the page with social sites or send the page via email.

Website owner and contact details. For those of you that want to find out who owns a website or want to find out contact details about that site’s owner, type before the http:// part of the URL. . This is a great service that will allow you to send text notes, hyperlinks and images to your email directly from your browser’s address bar. Type in the address bar, press space and then enter something you want to be sent to your email. When sending an image, if you are in the US, can send that image through a MMS.

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