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May 10, 2009

Two MooTools Plugins for Better File Management

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We’ve posted before about Harald Kirschner’s excellent MooTools plugin FancyUpload which provides extensive functionality for handling file uploads. His newest update, FancyUpload v3.0, is a complete rewrite and includes a wealth of new features:

  • The API with, separated uploader and file classes, allows an easy implementation in all kind of interfaces
  • Events are dispatched for every step of the uploading process, to keep the interface as responsive as possible
  • Progress tracks the loaded size, upload-rate, estimated time and other values for every file and for the batch as a whole
  • File uploads can be stopped, restarted or removed anytime
  • New Iframe-based class for multiple, asynchronous uploads without dependency on Flash
  • Compatible with Flash 9 and 10 with the browse button as a transparent overlay or as an interactive image sprite
  • Ability to change the upload URL and add POST/GET data on runtime, customized for every file or the whole process
  • Easy to localize to your favourite language with MooTools.lang, share your translations with others.

To see the uploader in action, Harald has started a showcase of demos which provide excellent examples of the plugins capabilities

MooTools based FileManager

Piggy-backing on Harald’s work, Christoph Pojer extended it further by creating a new plugin that provides impressive file managing capabilities for your server.

  • Browse through Files and Folders on your Server
  • Rename, Delete, Move (Drag&Drop), Copy (Drag + hold CTRL) and Download Files
  • View detailed Previews of Images, Text-Files, Compressed-Files or Audio Content
  • Nice User Interface 😉
  • Upload Files via FancyUpload (integrated Feature)
  • Option to automatically resize big Images when uploading
  • Use it to select a File anywhere you need to specify one inside your Application’s Backend
  • Use as a FileManager in TinyMCE
  • Provides your Client with the most possible convenience ( ;D )

The plugin is easily implemented as well:


  2.    1. var manager = new FileManager({
  3.    2.   url: ‘manager.php’,
  4.    3.   assetBasePath: ‘../Assets’,
  5.    4.   language: ‘en’,
  6.    5.   uploadAuthData: {session: ‘MySessionId’}
  7.    6. });
  8.    7. $(‘example1’).addEvent(‘click’,;

Check out the cool demo Christoph created.

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