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April 10, 2009

Top 100 sites of Apple and Mac

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In business for over 25 years, Macintosh has made some incredible advances in the technology world. With all these changes, users can find it difficult to keep up.

Professional Sites

Although written by those heavily ensconced in the field of technology, these blogs will help everyone make the most of their computers, peripherals, and more.

1. Macworld: With dozens of categories to choose from, this is the place for Apple, Mac, iPod and iPhone news, reviews, help, and tips. You can choose entries by best rated, most viewed, or most recent. With several posts a day, make time for this site.

2. The Unofficial Apple Weblog: On the TUAW blog, a group of contributors write about what’s new with Apple. Read the latest news, reviews, or take a tutorial. The numerous entries are broken down by category, and they offer a different tip for users everyday.

3. TheAppleBlog: This blog was started in November of 2004 by Josh Pigford. Now with over 40 contributors since its inception, it reaches over 500,000 readers every month. Visit the forums, read the various articles, or submit one of your own on this well maintained blog.

4. Download Squad: This group of bloggers rates the latest in software. With a special section for Macintosh, you can get updates and reviews on the latest applications. Topics include how to maximize your pdf, the latest in Firefox, and previews of the new Internet Explorer.

5. The Apple Core: This ZDNet blog is a one stop information source for the latest in Apple news. Written by Jason O’Grady and David Morgenstern, they focus on the latest in Mac technology, as well as breaking corporate news. Topics include press releases, installing Mac software onto PC’s, and a preview of the latest iPhone.

7. Apple Posts: A section of CNET news, this blog focuses on Apple related posts. Visit this site to get the answers for problems with your iPhone, how to upgrade your Apple TV, and more.

8. Digg: No need to register to read the numerous posts here. Gathered from sites from all over the world, this is a comprehensive source for Apple. You can choose articles by category, date, or most Diggs.

9. Official Google Mac Blog: Professional software engineers and others run this blog to help Macs utilize Google. Learn how to use it effectively on your computer, iPhone, and more by reading this blog.

10. MacFixIt Forums: This is a trouble shooting site for Mac users. Search through threads to find answers to common problems, or start your own. Forums are divided into threads for new users, OS X, peripherals, and more.

11. User Experience: This site is a source of information for Apple related questions. Utilize the reference library to get guides, technical manuals, and more. Check out articles, headlines, or even signup for various technology minded mailing lists at User Experience.

12. Cult of Mac: Leander Kahney is the news editor at “” and runs this blog with the help of others. It focuses on the Mac, iPod, iPhone, and the people who love them.

13. MacUser: This is the blog of a British based magazine of the same title. Free registration gives you access to hundreds of articles on Mac. The latest include the talking iPod, a release date for Snow Leopard, and details on a new iPhone prototype.

14. Macs & OS X For Dummies: With more than 150 million books in print, covering over 1,300 topics, this is one of the most widely recognized reference series. Devoting a special section for Mac, this site really does make everything easier. Topics include using Screen Capture, installing OS X Panther, and fixing a frozen Mac.

15. Mac Mojo: This is the official blog of the Macintosh Business Unit where you can read and discuss candid insights from the team at Microsoft that creates Office for Mac. Popular posts include Toolpak, Messenger for Mac 7, and RDC Beta 3.

16. MacNN: Since 1995, The Macintosh News Network has been a premier source for Macintosh and iPod news. Read their blog for tips, troubleshooting, links, and reviews.

17. Digital Inspiration: Amit Agarwal is a technology columnist and India’s only professional blogger. He covers computer software reviews, gadgets, tutorials, and web applications on this award winning site.

18. Under The Microscope: This is the company weblog of Rogue Amoeba Software, makers of audio software for Mac OS X. These various types software that can record any audio, edit, sync with iPhone, and more. Their blog includes support and recommendations.

19. Apple Reporter: Does your company have new software, Apple product, or accessory you’d like tested and reviewed? If so, contact Apple Reporter, the source for Apple news, rumors, product reviews, how to guides, and a unique take on Apple’s cutting edge technologies.

20. AllThingsD: Part of the “Wall Street Journal,” this blog contains news, analysis, and opinions on the digital revolution. With several contributors, you find all things technical related, including Apple and Macintosh.

21. Slashdot: This comprehensive site focuses on news for nerds, stuff that matters, and offers an Apple only section. You can read various articles, or have them read to you using their own “robotic overlord.”

22. MyMacMagazine: Established in 1995, this website includes ebooks, reviews, videos, and podcasts. In addition, their blogs discuss everything from new software to rumors.

23. AppleInsider: With various contributors, there are blogs in the Mac, iPhone, and general usage topics. In addition to the blogs, you can read reviews, submit news, and more.

Personal Blogs

Written by everyone from the average Joe to the experienced professional, these Mac enthusiasts share their passion and knowledge through these blogs.

24. WOZ: Steve Wozniak, aka “The Woz,” is the Co-founder of Apple Computer Inc. Read posts by Steve, send him a letter, and more on this site where “all are welcome.”

25. Real Dan Lyons: Also known as Fake Steve, Dan is a technology columnist at “Newsweek” and the creator of Fake Steve Jobs. On his blog, you can find everything from the technological to the personal.

26. The Mind Of Dr. Mac: Bob LeVitus is a self-proclaimed Macaholic with over twenty years experience with all things Apple, as a writer, columnist, consultant, and super user. Author of iPhone For Dummies, you can read the straight talk about everything Apple. Learn the basics or pros of Mac from this easy to understand and straightforward blogger.

27. Infinite Loop: Part of Ars Technica, Latin for the “art of technology,” there are various contributors who specialize in news, analysis of technology trends, and expert advice on topics. With a section devoted to Apple, this blog provides exciting answers to the reader’s need and desire for fresh voices, informed reporting, and engagement.

28. MacHerald: This blogger bloviates on everything Apple. Popular topics include, “Bone With The iPod,” “iTMS On Lockdown,” and “Attack Of The (Shuffle) Clones.”

29. Geeks Are Sexy: With a tagline that proclaims “we make technology sexy,” this blog has the latest news for all its aspects, including Apple. Established in 2005, it provides up to the minute tech news, reviews and tutorials to their readership, which is mainly composed of IT professionals and computer enthusiasts.

30. Kirkville: Kirk McElhearn lives in France and is a freelance writer, specializing in Macs, the iPod, iTunes, digital music and more. Read his blog for thoughts on products, tips, and application use.

31. Bill Palmer: Bill is the publisher of iProng magazine, which is a publication for iPod and iPhone users. He offers a look behind the scenes, as well as advice for users.

32. MacCompanion: This site provides book, hardware, and software reviews each month that they find interesting. Visit this site to read the latest on the Green MacBook, get tutorials, and more.

33. The Best Page In The Universe: With a title that says it all, this blogger posts on what he does, and mostly, doesn’t like. There are various Apple related posts, in addition to other humorous ramblings. Not for the sensitive, visit if you are in need of a good laugh.

34. Red Sweater Blog: Daniel Jalkut is a Mac software developer and founder of Red Sweater Software, LLC. In addition to reading his blog, you can try the various products he has developed over the years. You can also listen to podcasts on software development and contact him.

35. inessential: Brett Simmons writes for NetNewsWire about the Mac and iPhone. Updated regularly, he posts his thoughts on Apple related topics and more. A Mac user for 29 years, give this blog a look.

36. The Eponymous Weblog: Dan Wood is co-owner of Karelia Software, where he creates programs for the Macintosh computer. His blog mostly covers geeky topics like Macs and Mac Programming. There is also the option to send him feedback or ask a question.

37. Daring Fireball: This blog is written by John Gruber and contains many Apple related topics. Read about his projects, join the club, and more by visiting this regularly updated blog.

38. Out of Cheese: Eric is an engineering manager at Apple, where he is working on new projects. Based in California, he also has professional experience with Mac OS X on Intel and the 64-bit Intel code in Mac OS X. Although he hasn’t posted in a while, the entries date all the way back to 2002 and include numerous related topics.

39. Toxic Software: This anonymous user reviews and writes about software, including those for Mac. The blog includes features, highlights, and cons of both new and old applications.

40. stevenf: Although Steven is shy about revealing who he is, he is not shy in blogging about Apple related topics. Read the latest reviews, get links to software, and more on this blog.

41. Applematters: The site is a “serious yet irreverent look at all things Apple.” In addition to the blogs, there are also news, opinions, reviews, and much more.

42. Apple Mac Laptops: This blog is devoted to the laptop section of the Macintosh family. Read reviews, price comparisons, and more on this site.

43. SecureMac : Run by Macintosh security experts, you will be taught how to protect your computer. On this site you will learn how to secure your Macintosh, detect any hackers present on it, from this reliable source of security related products.

44. MyMacProduct: Marco Sebastian Lopez runs the blog and offers opinions, ideas, and constructive criticism on the latest technologies. Get his opinion before you buy any Mac related products.

45. Mac Lab: Barry Bourland and Charlie Bourland are fanatics who have worked on Macs since 1985 and Mac OS X since its inception. Read about applications, hardware, OS X, and more on this comprehensive blog.

46. Barry’s Best Computer Tips: This blog regularly delivers computer tips, internet tools and software news. Barry is from California and posts on new software, recommendations, and more.

47. Peter Baer Galvin’s Blog: Peter is the Chief Technologist for Corporate Technologies and runs this blog. Apple topics include the new iPhone, the best Mac resources, and more.

48. MacLifer: This blog contains Mac hardware and software posts from around the world. Read the numerous articles on Apple, or suggest some of your own on this site.

50. MacAffairs: This blog is a comprehensive site for all things Mac. Read more about the founders, take part in polls, and get the latest advances.

51. MacInTouch: This blog contains timely news and tips about all products offered from Macintosh. Read reviews and special reports on this regularly updated website.

Support Groups

For those who need more than another person’s story, visit these sites to get help on all your Mac related problems from installation to selling or buying a computer.

52. Apple User Groups: Part of the Apple Store, this is a list of hundreds of support groups for Mac users. They offer members the chance to get their questions answered, and share ideas. Groups are for everyone and you can search by location, category, or even start your own.

53. AppleTalker: This site contains various options including joining a discussion forum, viewing their scrapbook, and more. The forum allows the discussion of hardware and software regulated by its own members.

54. Mac Owners Support Group: Established in 2004, MacOSG has become one of the world’s fastest-growing online Apple User Groups, with a diversified array of members from all over the globe. Search the vast database for answers to your apple question, or post a question in our forums and have an answer in 24-hours or less.

55. XUsers: This is a group specifically for Mac OS X users. A highlight of this blog is the podcasts of their meetings available to anyone. Send a question or view the discussion archives to read about problems and solutions.

56. The Triangle Macintosh Users Group: Based in North Carolina, this group meets once a month to discuss all things Mac. You can read about what took place on their current and former meetings and more on this blog. Open to the public, you can also join and register to win a free iMac.

57. Tucson Macintosh Users Group: This blog provides a forum for Macintosh users in the Tuscon area. Their mission is to educate others on the use of computers and the internet with emphasis on the use and care of Macintosh computers. This site also features discussion forums, a list of consultants in the area, and useful links.

58. North Coast Mac Users Group: With over 500 members, NCMUG believes you give a little and get a lot. Perks of this site include meetings, special interest groups, workshops, members only discounts from major Macintosh vendors, an award-winning newsletter, and members-only email lists.

59. Tucson Apple Core: This blog is intended for users devoted to any version of the Apple II. This support group has expertise not only in the Apple II, but also the Macintosh and a little in Wintel PC’s. Read about their meetings, view the message board, and sign up for the newsletter on this site.

60. Arizona Macintosh Users Group: The purpose of AMUG is to provide education and assistance in the use of computers and related products to it’s members. Visitors can read the latest Mac related news, reviews, and learn the benefits of membership.

61. Portland Macintosh Users Group: This is a network across the country of thousands of people who use Macintosh computers. Learn about membership, services, read reviews, and more on this site.

62. Apple-Group Forum: This is a support group and Macintosh community board. Learn the answers to your dilemmas by reading a post, asking a question, or becoming a member.

63. MacTalk: For those not wanting to register, you can view forums or read the FAQ section for answers to your questions. By joining, you can visit forums on hardware, software, and everything Apple related.

Repair Blogs

Got a technical problem but not ready to call a professional? Then visit these sites by professional repairmen and women to learn how to do it yourself.

64. Chicago Computer Repair Blog: Since 1997, they have offered tech support to both home and business users. Boasting a wide range of skills, you can read their blog to learn about repair, recovery, and virus removal. You can also send in your question or read the FAQ section.

65. Mission: Repair Blog: This blog focuses on expert iPod, iPhone, PSP, and MacBook repairs. Popular posts include the truth about iPhones, cracked MacBooks, and price drop alerts.

66. Apple Logic Board Repair: This blog focuses on repairs for the iBook, iMac, G4, and G5. You can find buyer’s guides, information on repairs, and more.

67. Make: Online: This blog is devoted to do it yourselfers out to void their warranty, violate a user agreement, fry a circuit, blow a fuse, or poke an eye out. Adventurous visitors can read the detailed blog, watch an episode of Make: television, and more.

68. A+ Perfect Computers: Jeremy Brock is the president of A+ Perfect Computers, LLC. This blog focuses on solving your technology problems, be it virus removal or managing your IT infrastructure.

70. Raleigh Laptop Repair: This blog is run by a company that does research, develops, and provides unique laptop repair solutions. You can read how to fix your laptop yourself, or contact them with a question.

71. Online Computer Repair Blog: is a premiere online computer repair website. This blog provides technical support, coupled with a convenient and easy to use guide.

72. Laptop Repair: This blog shows you step by step instructions for replacing components, as well as photos for jobs that are specific to a particular make or machine. The tons of posts include guides for troubleshooting problems on your laptop, fixes for commonly encountered issues, and piles of good laptop repair information.

73. Computer Advice: This blog contains help and advice on all things related to computers. Learn how to speed up your computer, fix errors, fight viruses, and more with this site.

74. Techsurvivors: This is an ever-growing group of people interested in sharing their knowledge with other computer users. Specializing in Macs and other Apple hardware such as the iPod, iPhone, iTV and Airport, they believe no question is too stupid.


First developed by Mac, podcasting is the latest way to get and receive entertainment, information, and more. For those podcasts with Apple and Mac related topics, the below are well worth a listen.

75. MacBreakWeekly: A group of guys discuss all things Mac related. Hear about the iPhone, Mac Mini, and more by listening to various podcasts. With various entries, you are sure to find the answers to your Mac questions.

76. Inside Mac Radio and TV: Hosted by Scott Sheppard, this talk program is dedicated to Apple Mac computing and culture. Part of Inside Media Networks, you can listen to podcasts, download them, or watch videos.

77. The MacCast: This is the podcast by Mac geeks for Mac Geeks. These regular shows are filled with great tips, reviews, and commentary.

78. This Week In Tech: This weekly podcast is the last word in technology. Join various tech luminaries in a roundtable discussion of the latest trends in high tech. Winner of “People’s Choice Podcast,” learn about Apple related technology and more.

79. MacNN: In addition to their blog, The Macintosh News Network also produces regular podcasts. You can hear information on software, product reviews, and more.

80. The Mac Observer: On this site, there are two podcasts to choose from, as well as blogs, reviews, etc. Choose from the Apple Weekly Report: news and reviews with no fanaticism, or the Mac Geek Cab: where Dave and John present topics in a way that’s both entertaining and informative for the average listener.

81. Mac Format: This monthly podcast covers many Apple related topics. There are podcasts on the latest Mac developments, the pros and cons of iLife, and much more.

82. Mac OS Ken: Ken does a daily podcast on Mac news with attitude. Expect news, interviews, commentary, humor and a slightly skewed look at all things Apple.

83. iPhone Alley: Nominated for the “Best Mobile Phone Formatted Podcast,” learn everything iPhone related here. Download multiple shows designed for mobile phones and learn all about Apple.

84. Your Computer Minute: With brief podcasts, Peter Kay gives you up to date computer information. Get how-to’s, news, and security alerts by visiting this site.

86. Podcast Answer Man: Cliff Ravenscraft was one of the first people to take on podcasting full time as a career. A podcaster who podcasts about podcasting, he is the go to person when it comes to all questions related to podcasting and new media.

Specialty Sites

With a specific Mac topic in mind, visit these sites if you want even more information on an Apple related subject.

87. Gizmodo: Visit this blog for the latest in gadgets. With reviews and how-to’s, readers will discover everything they need to know for the iPhone, iPod, and more.

88. gameDB: This site is a community and directory for Mac, iPhone and iPod games. Evolving from the Mac Game Database, they bring you easy-to-read game and entertainment information, as well as the latest in gaming news..

89. MacGamer: This site is devoted to the Mac users who like to game. Get game guides, reviews, and the answers to all your gaming needs.

90. Create Digital Music: This site shows visitors how to create their own, personal digital music using mostly Mac products. Visit this webzine for the latest news, tips, reviews, and features on digital music making.

91. 123Macmini: The site’s goal is to create a place where Mac mini enthusiasts can hang out and share information. They are also a great place to get news, reviews, guides, pictures, videos and more.

92. DigiBarn Computer Museum: The DigiBarn is a ninety plus years old barn that was converted into a one of a kind hands-on museum of computers. Learn about the history of computers, watch a video, and see details of Steve Wozniak’s visit to the museum.

93. The Vintage Mac Museum: For those with a taste of nostalgia, this page contains the history of Mac. You can view late models, tour old programs, and more on this historic site.

94. macosxhints: With several hints a day, visit this site for the latest in running this operating system. You can also join a forum, view the polls, or submit a hint of your own.

95. Hawk Wings: Tim Gaden is a professor at the University of Melbourne who fell in love with Apple Mail. Read his blog for tips on how to make this application go further, faster, and stronger.

96. CubeOwner Portal: This website is devoted to owners of the Cube by Mac. Join a forum, get reviews and product info, or read one of the various blogs by Cube owners.

97. Mac Law Students: This blog is devoted to law students who use a Mac. Topics include why a Mac is good for law students, related software available, and how the various contributors set up their Macs.

98. Computer Deal Of The Day: Bruce Eisner searches the internet constantly for the best deals on computers and posts them on his blog. Ideal for those who want the best Mac products at the best prices.

99. Hack That iPhone And iTouch: This blog will show you how to jailbreak, hack, and unlock the 3g iPhone and other Apple gadgets. Tutorials help you understand the inner workings of these products and maximize their usage.

100. Panic: This site offers the best in top Mac Software. Located in Portland, Oregon they review then sell Apple related software. Read more about what they offer, purchase, or contact them for technical support.

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