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August 23, 2009

Top 10 International Economy Airlines

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Being a business man/woman, you must have to travel to international destinations frequently for attending several conferences and finalizing innumerable important deals. Many people might wonder that when you are earning money then why are you on a constant look out for economy airlines.

For such people you just have to quote that every single drop makes an ocean. Hence, for every single dollar that you save is going to be the future investment to your business. There are innumerable airlines available at different prices, offers and comfort level.

The best international economy flight is the one that offers you excellent comfort at economic rates. Rather than paying the intermediate fees for the agents that search cheaper international flights for you, below is the list of top 10 international economy airlines on which you can rely for your savings.

10. American Airlines


Graced by excellent in-flight attendants, American Airlines is famous for its top notch service. The routine travelers of American airlines often praise the skills of the excellent pilot. With American airlines, you never have to fear about the nauseated feeling as the flight is really smooth.

The process of upgradation is simply fantastic. If you are a member of A-Advantage then you will surely be upgraded to First Class even if you have bought an economy class ticket. American airlines also provide you fantastic headphones that drown all the unwanted noise.

With the help of individual power ports, you no longer have to wait for a long time to charge your laptop when you have to prepare an important presentation.

The comfort offered in the form of leather chairs with soft cloth upholstery is simply awesome. The whole trip with American airlines becomes all the more comfortable due to the increased leg room.

9. British Airways


This international airline is famous for the flight attendants that care for you like their own family members. These attendants are gracious and have a charming attitude.

British airways flights are much more spacious when compared to the American airlines. Moreover, the food on the British airways was simply superb.

Excellent entertainment options are available on the flights on British airways where you can listen to innumerable songs and watch a number of movies.

8. Malaysia


The air flight service offered by Malaysia is of a top notch quality. If you are on a Malaysia flight for a long time then you can watch your favorite television series or movies on your own personalized television screens.

The service provided by this airline is highly reliable and very much comfortable. Moreover the flight attendants are very much helpful and highly attentive towards the passenger’s needs.

The full body massage chairs available on the business class on this airline and the WiFi connections make the whole flight experience very much memorable for you.

7. Qantas Airways


The flight experience via the Qantas airways makes you feel warm, charmed, safe and very much comfortable. Even the food served on board this flight is so tasty and it leaves you wanting more and more.

The drinks are served in nice tin cans that are really hygienic than the small disposable plastic glasses in which drinks are served in several other airlines.

When you ask for extra servings for even a great number of times you can be assured that you are always served with a charming smile by the flight attendants. However, the only bad point about Qantas Airways is that the flights do not have comfortable seats.

6. Virgin Atlantic


If you are a great lover of French food then the Virgin Atlantic international economy airlines is the best choice for you. Unlike other airlines, the Virgin Atlantic has superbly comfortable seats that are highly ranked by the satisfied customers.

The economy classes of Virgin Atlantic offer excellent entertainment options for the passengers and great food to eat. The Upper class of Virgin Atlantic is claimed to have huge flat beds and additional services like massages are also offered.

When compared to the other airlines, the portions of the served food were much larger and tastier. Free alcohol makes the trip on Virgin Atlantic the best deal.

5. Air France


If you speak fluent French then Air France is the best deal for you since it has excellent cabin crew with courteous flight attendants that always have a smile on their faces.In case you plan to travel on a transit flight then you do not have to worry even a single bit about your safety.

Air France provides easy check in by informing you well before time about the paper work related to the immigration. It might be possible that you get upgraded to business class if your economy class seats are already full. The meals are excellent and you get free alcohol too.

4. Cathay Pacific


If you plan to take lots of luggage then Cathay Pacific is the best choice for you as it allows 30kgs of luggage and 10 kgs in the handbag. The flight attendants at Cathay Pacific are always ready to help and very charming. If you travel via the economy class then you might board the flight as per the seat numbers.

However, if you plan to travel via business class at Cathay Pacific then you can board the flight at your own leisure time of course before the departure. You get a separate television set on your seat where you can watch any channels of your choice.

3. Singapore Airlines


The first thing you notice in the flight of Singapore Airline is a girl in a traditional sarong kebaya outfit. Excellence is an intrinsic quality of the Singapore airlines.

The flight attendants are beautiful and gracious. You can expect the comfort and luxury of a 180 degree flat bed that you generally find in first class even when you travel on a business class ticket. All the air crafts of the Singapore Airlines are perfectly maintained.

2. Air New Zealand


If you are on a lookout for a flight that is cheapest amongst others and offers you excellent service then Air New Zealand is your best bet. The flight attendants are very helpful and attentive to the needs of the passengers. You can expect great food to go down with fantastic wine on the Air New Zealand.

1. Emirates


If you are on a look out for comfortable seats with high pitches in the economy class then emirates is the best option for you. For the entertainment of the passengers, the Emirates provide a plethora of movies to choose from on the television sets on your own seats.

Even the food served in the flight, consisting the superb kimchi, is tasty beyond the belief. The flight attendants and the cabin crew are excellent in their behavior and are always helpful during the times of need.

Emirates make fantastic use of the science of ergonomics on which its seats in the business class are based. These seats have awesome foot rest and also help you to relax your whole body.

With just a touch of the button, this seat can turn into a paradise in the sky in case you have boarded the plane just after a very hectic week.

Now that the list is over, you must go through it before booking any tickets on the international economy airlines.

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