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August 30, 2009

Tips On How To Explain The Golf Score To Non-Golfers!

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golf1Need some tips on explaining the score of your game to non-golfers?

That is a common predicament many people find themselves in.

Like any other game, golf has rules and you must learn the rules in order to keep score properly, which can lead to a fuller enjoyment of the game.

Game of golf:

Of course, before understanding the scoring process it is necessary to know a little bit about the game of golf.  Golf is a game that originated in Scotland at least 500 years ago, and for the past five centuries has been played consistently in the British Isles.

In the game of golf a player, or members of a team of players, hit a ball into a designated hole using a tool refereed to as a club. The club is a long shaft with either a metal or wooden head.

A unique feature of golf is that it does not have a defined and standardized playing area. The Rules of Golfdefine it as “playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the rules.”

Having enjoyed resurgence in popularity among all classes in the past few years, golf in today’s form was first played on the Musselburgh Links in Scotland in 1672.

Earlier versions were of course played with slightly different rules elsewhere in Scotland, the rest of Great Britain and other European countries.  While at one time considered only a sport for aristocrats and nobles, golf is a sport for everyone today.

The place where golf is played is known as a golf course. This is a large grassy area with several holes in the ground. The goal of course is to hit the ball used into the hole.

The grassy area is called the green.  Generally a golf course will consist of either nine holes or eighteen holes.  Many times golfers will also refer to the nineteenth hole, which means the bar or clubhouse at the golf course where they relax after a game and enjoy a beverage.

The game begins with a process called teeing off, and the start time of the game is referred to as tee time.  On this first stroke the player will use a small spike made of wood or plastic to mount the ball.  This makes the first shot easier and more accurate.

Many golf courses also offer tee boxes that a player can play from.  The various tee boxes will be ranked according to gender and age. These include, for instance, men’s, ladies’, seniors, juniors, and so on.

The grassy area or green is made and kept current to accommodate play, which means well-maintained and cut short.

A greenskeeper is generally in charge of keeping the green watered and well-groomed and professional greenskeepers are more than simple lawnmowers and landscapers.

Most greenskeepers belong to a professional association and have been through extensive training.  Many have college degrees in horticulture or a related area.  These greenskeepers take pride in keeping the grass short and tight so that a ball will roll very easily across it.

A green will also have obstructions.  These can be sandy areas, called sand traps, water holes, wooded areas, and other obstructing devices to make the game more interesting.  The borders of the course are marked and referred to as bounds, so when a ball goes over the borders it is considered out of bounds.

The borders of a course are marked as such, and beyond them is out of bounds, that is, ground from which a ball must not be played.

Some areas on the course may be designated as ground under repair, meaning that a ball coming to rest in them may be lifted and then played from outside such ground without penalty.

Certain man-made objects on the course are defined as obstructions, and specific rules determine how a golfer may proceed when these impede the play.

Players are assigned marker partners to keep score for and the goal of each player is to have as few strokes as possible during a game while getting the ball into the appropriate hole.

There are different types of play and scoring outlined in the Rules of Golf and referred to as match play and stroke play, and it is important to decide on the type of play to be followed before beginning a game.

Whatever the type of play however, golf is a game for ladies and gentlemen, so playing according to the rules is important and contributes to the fun.

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