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August 30, 2009

Tips For A Great Clothing Purchase!

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clothingHave you ever brought home clothing that you just purchased and discovered that you don’t like them?

Things often look better in the store, especially if you are in a hurry to get your shopping done.

People also love to shop for bargains but things often look better on the shelf at an unbelievable price than when they are unpacked from our shopping bags at home.

Here are some tips for a great clothing purchase:

When people shop in a hurry they often buy things that they will return later. It usually doesn’t pay to shop in a hurry, especially if you are buying clothing or high-ticket items.

Shop for clothing, when you have the time to try them on because, when you buy items off of the rack they usually don’t fit. By trying the clothing items on in a dressing room you get to see how they really fit. Check to see how the clothing looks in the front, from the side and back before you decide to purchase it.

Oftentimes, things will look good from the front but will pucker or stretch in an unflattering way in the back.

Another key to purchasing clothing that you will like is to purchase the right undergarments. Women’s clothing often requires the right undergarments, from a camisole to a strapless bra; the right lingerie makes the outfit. Skirts that are unlined will look much better if you buy a slip to wear under them.

A slip can keep a skirt from clinging to you and showing panty lines. If you purchase slim line undergarments, seamless pantyhose and body shapers you can achieve a smooth look with any pants that you purchase.

Many people choose to buy their clothing online, especially if they hate the thought of trying on clothing in a tiny closet at a retail store. While shopping on the Internet can be fun it can be costly if you buy clothing that doesn’t fit.

Returning clothing can be costly because you should also buy shipping insurance to ensure that your items are received back by the clothing company.

When buying clothing online, be sure to check all of the size guides before making your purchase. If you aren’t sure of your size use a measuring tape to determine the correct size.

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a beautiful outfit only to find out that it is too small or large when you try it on.

Another option for purchasing clothing is to buy them from a catalog. You can be perfectly happy buying clothing this way as long as you follow the size guides. When you place your order over the phone the customer service representatives can help you by letting you know if a particular garment runs smaller or larger than the stated size.

Customer service representatives can also suggest the correct undergarments to wear with the clothing you have purchased. Be careful buying clothing items from clearance catalogs as many of the items are non-returnable.

The key to a great clothing purchase is the fit. If you try on garments before you buy them or be sure to follow size guides you should be happy with the items that you purchase. Wearing your new purchases with the correct undergarments will also help you look and feel more confident when wearing your new outfits.

Follow these simple shopping tips and you make fewer returns to the store and have a closet full of clothing items you love.

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