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April 17, 2009

Time Warner Cable (TWC) Shelving Plans To Test Metered Internet Use

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A couple of weeks ago, Time Warner Cable announced that they are planning to offer limited Internet use meaning that the company was thinking to charge us based on how much Internet we consume per month. However, after the public issued a hard response blaming the company, and after we received some political support, TWC announced that they will not test metered Internet bandwidth therefore we will have the same “all you can eat” bandwidths.

“It is clear from the public response over the last two weeks that there is a great deal of misunderstanding about our plans to roll out additional tests on consumption based billing. As a result, we will not proceed with implementation of additional tests until further consultation with our customers and other interested parties, ensuring that community needs are being met. While we continue to believe that consumption based billing may be the best pricing plan for consumers, we want to do everything we can to inform our customers of our plans and have the benefit of their views as part of our testing process,” said Glenn Britt, TWC’s CEO.

TWC said that they were looking for metered Internet billing in order to cut down some costs, and to get an extra-revenue meaning that they were looking to be a rip-off. Like it wasn’t enough that the company saved money, they wanted to earn extra-money. I think that US-based Internet Service Providers will never charge users on their bandwidth consumption because it’s just unhuman.

“Our current pricing plans require all users to pay the same amount, whether they check e-mail once a month or download six movies a day,” said TWC’s COO, Landel Hobbs. “When you go to lunch with a friend, do you split the bill in half if he gets the steak and you have a salad?”

These are his words that were meant to convince us that what they are doing is right, however, the mounting public supported by the political “outcry” convinced TWC that they are wrong. However, if they will expand their tests, we will just move to Verizon or Comcast which will not charge us if we go over our limits. TWC proposed 100GB/month cap for $75 with $1/GB if we exceed our bandwidth, but Comcast currently offers 250GB/month cap for $42.95 so I must call TWC’s plan for metered Internet billing as an Epic Fail!

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