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May 9, 2009

Time Clock Keeps Time And Attendance Of Your Employees More Accurate And Secure!

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Time clocks are employee time keeping systems that use fingerprints of employees to punch in or login to a company’s time keeping system.

Time clock uses fingerprint recognition (or also called as “dactyloscopy”) in order for the employees to login for work.

Fingerprint recognition is the method of matching questioned and identified skin ridge marks from the fingers, palms or hands to establish if the marks are from the same finger.

The time clock system does not only calculate the employee payroll data and monitor employee attendance, it also makes sure that the employee does not “punch in” or “log in” other employees aside from him or her self.

The time clock works by authenticating the identity of the employee by validating the employee’s fingerprints. The punch in and punch outs are collected and stored on the terminals of the time clock system. The data that were collected and stored are then sent over the network to the time clock software.

The data were collected by the payroll department, validated for missing or incorrect entries, and then processed and distributed to the work-site supervisors. At the time of the pay period, the time clock system creates a payroll report that is then sent to the payroll department for disbursement.

In a typical time clock, the employee’s fingerprints are recorded in the system. The information is the fingerprint image of the employee that is captured and stored to verify the employee’s unique fingerprint pattern.

These time clocks can be interfaced with various departments and payroll systems of a company. This kind of automated time and attendance system is particularly valuable for large companies.

The time clocks available on the market today are highly advanced in fingerprint recognition and verification. Most of these “state of the art” time and attendance systems use optical scanners to validate the fingerprints and have high performance fingerprint verification algorithm along with a totally programmable processing terminals.

How does time clock system run?

Most time clock systems can run on Microsoft Operating Systems and can handle loads of client/employees. Each client/employee can either login/logout by simply keying in a password or by using the fingerprint sensor/reader or do both.

The fingerprint sensor/reader works with moderately dirty fingers. Because the client/employee is in attendance in order to login/logout, he cannot make entries for others as a favor.

Types of time clock systems:

There are various kinds of time clock systems available on the market these days. From the traditional and bulky employee punch clock that uses time cards to today’s time clock systems. This just proves that technology has made the time and attendance keeping system more efficient, accurate and secure.

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