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August 25, 2009

Things To Include On Bridal Shower Invitations!

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bridalshower invitationPreparing bridal shower invitations can be a huge chore, especially if you are inviting a large amount of guests.

There is a lot of information that should be included on the bridal shower invitation and getting it right the first time will actually save the hostess time.

If you do not include the important information, potential guests may need to call and ask questions and this will be a huge waste of time for the hostess.

Another reason having detailed information that covers all the bases are so important is that it helps the potential guests plan for the event. Planning their travel arrangements, clothing attire and gift possibilities are just some things the potential guests are going to want to plan for.

Here are some things to include on bridal shower invitations:

Of course the first thing on the bridal shower invitation should be the bride to be or the couple’s names. This is some thing that the hostess may want to consult with the bride to be about.

If the party is a women only party then the bride to be will probably just be the name listed on the bridal shower invitation. If the party is for men and women then the hostess will probably want to include the bride to be and the groom to be on the bridal shower invitations.

The date of the bridal shower should also be included on bridal shower invitations. This is vital, as the guests will nee to plan for it and avoid other appointments or priorities.

The date will also help the potential guest determine the weather at that particular time of year and they can plan travel times around winter weather or rainy weather conditions if it applies.

Also if the guests are out of town or have to travel a long distance they may need to make flight reservations or other travel plans. They may also need to book a hotel room if they need to travel overnight.

Time of day that the shower is going to take place should be the next thing included on the bridal shower invitation. This one is pretty logical. If it is not listed how are the guests supposed to know when to show up? Unless you want a bunch of phone calls questioning the time of the shower, include it on the bridal shower invitation.

The address of the location that the bridal shower is going to held is another vital fact that should be listed on the bridal shower invitations. This is like the time of the bridal shower, if it is not on the bridal shower invitation how are people supposed to come?

Also do not just list the name of the person who is having it at their home or do not just list the restaurant or any other place you may be hosting the party. Always list the complete street address including the city, state and zip code.

The name of the hostess along with a phone number where she can normally be reached should be included on the bridal shower invitations. If the hostess can be reached at one number by day and another by night include both numbers and specify when to call each of them. If a potential guest has a question they will need contact the hostess.

If the hostess requests to be contacted by a certain date, notifying them who can attend, then the RSVP date and time should be included in the bridal shower invitation. This is only necessary if this information is required for a bridal shower that may need reservations or catered.

Bridal shower theme should be included on the invitation if there is one. This will help the guest plan for a gift and clothing attire. If the hostess has designated a theme and would like particular gifts brought to the shower then she should include the gift suggestions on the invitation as well.

Other things you may want to include on bridal shower invitations are the couple’s home decorating colors, a map to the location of the bridal shower, and where the bride has registered.

Also remember that if the couple has made any special requests to include it on the bridal shower invitation. Whatever you decide all of the above will save you time and energy during the planning stages by giving the most information to the potential guests. The guests will also appreciate a thorough bridal shower invitation, so that they can plan accordingly.

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