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August 9, 2009

The Shweeb velodrome is the worlds first human powered monorail racetrack

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Rotorua is on the southern shore of Lake Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand’s North Island. It’s known for its hot springs and geysers, but there is plenty else to do there, particularly if you are into action adventures.

New Zealanders are the masters of adventure sports. They will do anything for a burst of adrenaline and their latest contribution is the Shweeb. To put your nerves to the test, head for Agroventures just out of Rotorua.

The Shweeb velodrome is the world’s first human-powered monorail racetrack. It has two long overhead rail circuits, varying in height between two and four metres above the ground. High-performance pedal-powered vehicles hang under the tracks. The pods swing freely from side to side and as your speed picks up, you swing wildly around corners and soar high and low over undulating terrain.

Up to five vehicles can be loaded onto each track, enabling teams to race each other either one-on-one or in tandem or you can race against the clock.

Riders lie back and due to minimal resistance reach speeds of up to 45km/h. You enjoy maximum comfort and minimum aerodynamic drag. Curves get up to 60-degree angles, making the ride super thrilling.

Hard wheels on the smooth track reduce rolling resistance, so you can click through the seven gears and get up to top speed with very little effort.

Seats adjust to suit riders between 1.4 and two-metres tall. Smaller people can ride as passengers. It’s an all-weather activity. The clear pods protect you from the rain and the metal roof keeps the sun out.

In case you were wondering, the name Shweeb comes from the German ’schwebebahn’, meaning ‘hanging railway’.

Agroventures also offer Rotorua Swoop, Freefall Xtreme, Agrojet, New Zealand’s fastest jet-boating experience and of course, bungy jumping.Source

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