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June 27, 2009

The Rising Of Gasoline Prices With The Hybrid Vehicle

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In the past few years, Americans have seen massive price increases in gasoline. An average American can literally watch the gasoline price signs being changed by as much as $0.15 a day.

It is incredible to think that not too long ago prices were steady around $1.98. The problem with rising gasoline prices is that Americans are completely dependant on gasoline-powered transportation.

Your schedules are constructed in ways that you cannot function properly without your cars. This is unfortunate in many ways, but a realistic discovery.

In the warmer months, many adults can find ways to save on gasoline costs, such as biking to work or the grocery. However, during the winter months, it is less likely bicyclers will be as visible.

What some may call a “saving grace”, the hybrid came onto the market just in time for the rising prices of gasoline.

Manufacturers, unsure of how hybrids would be accepted, did not prepare for their popularity however. At this time there are massive waiting lists for the newest hybrid models.

Some reasons for choosing the hybrid vehicle

Although there are many reasons consumers may be drawn to a hybrid vehicle, it is likely their ability to save consumers money on gasoline is a top reason.

A hybrid vehicle has a combination energy system involving a small gasoline engine and an electric motor.

The hybrid vehicle uses both to utilize the energy in the most efficient manner possible. Drivers of hybrids cannot tell much of a difference when driving their car, compared to driving a regular gasoline powered hybrid vehicle.

However, at the pump, consumers are seeing a great difference in price. Initially a hybrid vehicle may cost the consumer a bit more, mostly because of the high demand and low availability. Over time however, the initial cost is quickly recovered due to the money saved in gasoline.

Most typical drivers estimate they spend less than $20 a week in gas for their hybrid vehicle. This is due to the fact that hybrids get better mpg than conventional gasoline powered cars.

Each hybrid model varies with its mpg, however it is estimated that the average mpg for a hybrid vehicle is around 46. It is estimated that if you own a hybrid vehicle that gets 21 mpg, you will spend an average of $8,500 a year on gasoline.

If you own a hybrid vehicle that gets 46 mpg, you will save over $4,600 a year, spending only $3,900 on gasoline.

If you buy a hybrid vehicle that gets 55 mpg or more, then you will save between $500 and $1000 more a year compared to a 46mpg hybrid.

As stated, the savings are phenomenal when looking at yearly gasoline costs. Even when a hybrid model is compared to a conventional car of the same model, there is a drastic difference in gasoline spending.

To get a full picture of how much you can save however, you need to know what type of hybrid vehicle you own. There are three different types, which vary slightly in design.

A full hybrid relies on its electric motor quite a bit. When a full hybrid is stopped in traffic, the gasoline engine will instantly power off and may remain off, allowing the car to run on electric alone.

A mild hybrid is similar, only it does not have the power to move without its gasoline engine assisting the electric motor.

Muscle hybrids do not have gasoline engines that are smaller and therefore only enjoy idle-off and regenerative braking advantages. They have slightly improved fuel economy.

If you find yourself getting a panic attack every time you think about getting gas, then you may want to investigate the new hybrids.

There is no reason to get a second job just to afford gasoline to your first job. Hybrids are being offered in the newest models.

Manufacturers are also offering the same styles consumers have grown to love in hybrid vehicles. Popular styles like the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord are becoming available.

There is simply something for everyone. The great thing is that while hybrid owners can enjoy lower fuel prices, they can also feel proud knowing they are not harming the environment as much as conventional drivers. Take a look at the statistics and you will surely want a hybrid vehicle of your own!

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