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February 8, 2012

The Mobile Gambling Industry Puts the Smart Money on the Smart Phone

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It has become almost a no-brainer that the development of Mobile Gambling apps is going to make money for operators in the online gambling industry. For example Paddy Power has just posted some amazing half-year financial results – and what do they give thanks to for this – not their lucky stars that’s for sure, they are thanking mobile gambling. Of course you have to buy a ticket in it to win it and Paddy Power has bought into mobile gambling big-time.

It does not cost peanuts to deliver product specific online or mobile gambling operations. So, this company maintains their lead in the market by offering more and more diverse apps. This means different applications for iPhones, iPads, BlackBerrys and Android smartphones and tablets – possibly others too, plus different applications for each of the hardware and operating systems. In other words – platform specific products! For example; if they want to stream live horse racing to their sports betting platform, this takes more than just a mere plug-in. New software must be developed and the tied in. Thereafter it must be duplicated for each OS.

Not only that, Paddy Power would have to partner with a supplier and pay copyrights, sharing rights, licensing, and all kinds of other fees relative to red-tape. What we are getting at here is, that they have to be sure of their market and then new apps cost them lots and lots of money. But these apps also make them lots of money too, so let’s get down to brass tacks – Paddy Power’s half year results.

Their massive investment in this gaming genre has increased stakes in mobile games and betting revenue by 30% – nearly increasing this revenue by a third! The financial period we are talking about is 1st July to 14th November 2011. New figures tell this company that 44% of all of their customers now make wagers using their smart phones. So have they put smart-money on smart phones, you bet your ass they have!

Ladbrokes is following suit, and these guys are usually a little slow getting the picture. While Paddy Power manages to maintain their dominance in British mobile sports betting, Ladbrokes have recently launched a new iPhone app. This is a horse racing specific app, so they had to be sure that their customers wanted it. What they have done is launch a mobile version of a product they offer online which has already proved to be extremely popular. This is AtTheRaces live coverage of British and Irish horse races.

Ultimately this product will also be made available to Android and other mobile platforms. But this company is also seeing that their mobile betting customer-base is growing. They want to continue to nurture their customers as well as develop more mobile products. Is their smart money on the smart phone – the answer again is YES… Ladbrokes has seen a massive 163% growth! is another one – this company has seen 25% of its business making use of mobile betting. Smart phone apps are seeing lots of smart money.

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