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August 31, 2010

The best qualities in Poker

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Become a professional poker player is not easy and it is good to know that many professional players have been playing poker in U.S.A since their childhood but also many of them hold degrees from large schools in mathematics or engineering … However, major players have just learned on the job. The qualifications for being a good poker player are:


When you play poker, you must have a self control and you have to work regularly your analysis of the game and your ability to observe players’ actions. These things can give you clues on how to players play and their weaknesses. The discipline is also a way of life, when you play at poker, you should be able to conduct yourself as an athlete. Take care of yourself, you train several hours a day on the discipline balanced eating, sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a day. Playing an International tournament can take hours or even days and you must be able to focus on the game during this time. Accepting defeat is also an important point in poker. If you are unable to accept the fact you can lose against other players, you’ll never be a good player. If, after losing a big hand, you are angry (also tilt) or you have a revenge desire, you must be able to control it because without that, you lose and you’ll make big mistakes games.

Manage your financial capital.

Never play more than you have, it is easy to win, once you have acquired all the necessary qualities to be a true poker player. But if your capital base is not very high, do not play more than you have, play between 5-10% of your capital and if you lose reduce the margin.

Being a specialist of mathematics

It is essential to be knowledgeable in terms of probabilities and also in mathematics. This is exactly why we find so many poker players with degrees in maths. Why is it important? This allows you to estimate your game and the odds of winning. Each hand represents a probability. If For example, you have two tiles in your hand and the flop gave you a tile, the probability of a flush is about 19%. On 52 cards 13 are the same suit than yours. Knowing that some players had probably some of your suit in their hands, you can expect to have 15% of chance to have a flush. Also estimate the probability: at first it takes time to calculate each probability but with time you will become better.

The psychology of the adversary

It is important to observe how your opponents play. You have to observe if they plays aggressive or save, if they prefer to fold or play any hand, if they like to see the flop. All its parameters must be taken into account. If they like to see the flop, make a big raise to oblige them to play for something.

Be ready to live a fantastic adventure and enjoy it forever!

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