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April 10, 2009

The Best From The Nature Olive Ridely And Their Survival

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Different types of sea turtles especially the Olive Ridely turtles throng the coastline of Nosara, Costa Rica in big numbers to breed, laying eggs in the beaches. About 162 hectares of the coastline of Nosara is being protected as Ostional Wildlife Refuge to save the beauty of the shore and obviously the endangered species of Olive Ridleys. This is the reason; one would find paintings of turtles in the beaches. Also to preserve the beauty of coastline high-end hotels, tall apartments and casinos which are usually the favourite destinations near the beaches are prohibited here.

Sea Turtles MatingMany Eggs are Laid, But Few Turtles Survive

During a specific time, every year, hoards of Turtles reach the beach and lay eggs. A female lays about 100 ping-pong sized eggs after creating large hole but out of these a small number of eggs hatch out properly ensuring the maturity of new born. And only due to this, the female turtles lay such big number of eggs. And the trouble follows since the hungry sharks waiting in shallow seas feed on killing these kids when they move out and try reaching the Oceans.

Planned Harvesting

Wildlife organisations do harvest the eggs which were laid earlier, as due to the smaller size of beaches or coastline there’s not enough space for the large number of eggs, the turtles lay. They come in big groups during different weeks; hence destroy the already laid eggs for the same reason. Even it was a good business for black marketers since in old stories and all these were shown as a booster of sexual desire in humans. Due to structured harvesting, further endangering of this species of animals is prevented and alongside their poaching is prevented in large scale. The turtle population remains unaffected and the economy of the place is boosted. But still the place sees a lot of disparities between several groups.

Sanctuary for Turtles and Humans

Rhinoclemmys punctularia (Spot-legged Turtle)The beaches of Nosara, Costa Rica act as a sanctuary and a safe habitat for the Turtles and the nature loving tourists who usually love peaceful places (far away from the busy and populated towns) would like to vacation here. But you have to adjust without most of luxuries of life like Cable TV, Hot Water Showers, etc as you won’t find these in Nosara coastline, even in the Hotels. Peace of mind is what you definitely get with the beautiful place being free of pollution, traffic; which is very much sought after for a happy vacation. In the turtle breeding season local food items, made from the turtle eggs like completely raw ones and omelettes are things to enjoy eating.

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