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April 17, 2009

Take A Few Seconds To Remember The Pooper Scooper

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Pix It Up® - The Best Pooper Scooper Devices and Dog Poop Biodegradable Bags On The Planet...

We hear that everybody loves dogs, even the Obama family. We also hear that dogs produce an unpleasantly scented dog by-product daily or even more frequently, which requires their human companions to pick up and dispose of responsibly. What people need is a terrific pooper scooper. Here’s one, and it is even made in the USA and uses biodegradable bags to hold the biodegradable waste: The PixItUp.

No touching dog poop, keep poop at a healthy distance and help keep the planet clean with the PixItUp. And, the tool stays clean because the biodegradable bag covers the entire scoop. Also works great as a dog catch, or you can use as a yard tool to pick up the yard; holds multiple droppings.

Some folks just like the biodegradable bag to collect dog poop because they are big and the flap contains the waste keeping your trash cans clean.

It works on all surfaces, grass, concrete, sand, gravel, even and uneven surfaces. Did we mention that the tool stays clean because the biodegradable bag covers the entire scoop head? It comes with 100 biodegradable bags, then you can order more through the website or retail outlets.


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