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August 10, 2009

Sure Tips To Make Sleepover Bridal Shower Party A Success!

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Do you remember the times when you and your girlfriends used to have pajama parties?

Do you remember how much fun these evenings of polishing toe nails and finger nails could be? Perhaps what sticks most in your mind is the camaraderie you felt with the girls your age and how much you all bonded in these days.

Of course, times have long since changed and you have all finally grown up. You have graduated from school, have jobs, understand the importance of making that rent- car-, or mortgage payment, and some may have already tied the know and may even be raising children of their own! Yet who says that the fun has to stop simply because the earnestness of life has caught up with you?

For that friend who is just now ready to take that leap into married bliss, why not relive the evenings and nights of the fun you used to share as young girls, why not have bridal shower sleepovers? Pretend you are all teenagers again and for one evening just act as goofy as you did when you were

Here are some sure tips to make sleepover bridal shower party a success:

Which sleepover would be complete without the horror movie? Yet instead of renting the latest and the greatest, why not rent the cheesiest and the funniest? Why not rent the worst of the “B” movies, or the movies you used to all watch together at the last teenage sleepover?

Another sleepover staple is the makeup. Do you remember trying out each others’ eye shadow, lipstick, and eye liner? Well, now you or one of your friends may very well be involved in make up sales, you know, one of your friends may surreptitiously be placing catalogs all around the house whenever she visits you and this would be her time to shine! What a wonderful opportunity to try out the latest colors and see how they look on yourself and your friends!

Of course, where there is make up, there is nail polish, and which sleepover would be complete without painting each others’ finger and toe nails!

Food is another integral part of the sleepover bridal shower. Since you are no longer teenagers, you will probably want something a little more sophisticated than potato chips and soda, while at the same time nobody wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, or putting plates together. For this reason it is best to keep it simple and put together some finger foods.

If you have the funds, go ahead and call a caterer. If this is out of your price range, you may want to consider making it pot luck. Foods can include rock melon wrapped in thin proscuitto ham, pate, a variety of cheeses and crackers, and pita triangles with humus. All these can be made ahead of time and do not require any lengthy heating or cooking, while at the same time minimizing the clean up time required.

Allow the evening to progress. What many bridal showers have in common is the almost rigid adherence to a protocol that dictates when food will be had, when games will be played, and when presents would be opened. If you will remember your last teenage sleepover, you will know that these occasions progress at their own pace and in their own good time.

Why not use this wisdom for the sleepover bridal shower? Allow the conversation to flow naturally and guests to eat and drink and be merry when they feel up to it. Allow the bride the freedom to open one ore more presents when she is good and ready.

Once the pressure to perform all the dictates of a traditional bridal shower is taken out of the equation, what remains is the possibility of some real life fun. Old friendships may be strengthened, new friendships may be formed, good advice will be given, and good food will be eaten.

Life will be grand and the bride will look back on her bridal shower for years to come, fondly remembering the conversations, laughs, and overall wonderful atmosphere you provided by doing something totally different! Go for it!

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