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September 2, 2009

Sony To Unveil 3D TV By The End Of Next Year

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A few years ago there were many who believed that 3D TV is just a dream hence it’s not going to happen. However, as the technology advances we will be able to have 3D TVs in our homes as soon as next year. Sony has announced that the will unveil a 3D TV “by the end of next year” and that the future of the company lies in the hands of this technology. According to CEO Howard Stringer, 3D is on its way, just like HD TV was a few years ago.

Sony’s CEO says that there are a few more problems, but the issues of this technology will soon be overcome therefore the company will launch a 3D-ready TV sometime next year. Even if 3D films require polarization technique, Sony will use the shutter technique to make a 3D TV. The shutter technology has the ability to darken one lens and leave the other transparent. These shutters will be controlled via signals of a transmitter that will create the much-desired 3D experience.

If you didn’t know this yet, 3D TV is already among us as last year BSkyB transmitted a live concert of rock band Keane in 3D, making it the first 3D air in the world. Sony’s CEO, Howard Stringer, believes that he plans to take the company to a whole new level thanks to 3D technology and online connectivity.

I guess it remains to be seen how 3D TV technology will be welcomed by consumers. I know I would, however, I wonder how expensive a 3D TV will be.

Sony 3D TV

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