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April 10, 2009

See the light with LA Tweeze!

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You get up early in the morning and check your reflection in the mirror. It’s a bit of a drizzly day, so there’s not much light coming into your bathroom. You brush your hair, check your makeup and leave the house to get into your car. You get to work in time for your important business meeting just as the weather is starting to brighten up and pull down the mirror in the car to apply your lipstick – aarggh! That’s when you notice the monster brows! Your eyebrows looked fine at home, so why are they suddenly sprouting out everywhere?

It’s often difficult to find the right level of lighting to tidy up your eyebrows effectively and even if you do have the right light, you need the right tweezers too. Well, how about a really decent pair of tweezers that provide the light you need every time you pluck? Introducing LA-Tweeze, the illuminated tweezers that will keep your eyebrows under control wherever you are!

Simple, yet ingenious, these fantastic Tweezers have a little light built-in, so if you’re late to meet your friends for lunch or in a rush to get out in the evening, you can throw them in your bag and pay a visit to the powder room at your convenience. The Illuminated Tweezers come in their own little lipstick style case, so you can find them more easily when they’re at the bottom of your handbag. If you’re out at a bar or night club there’s no need to stand at the mirror with all the other ladies, plucking your eyebrows – you can retreat to the privacy of a cubicle and you’ll still have enough light to give yourself a quick makeover.

I may not be able to afford the plastic surgery to transform me into an image of perfection, but at least I can give my eyebrows an instant lift with LA-Tweeze!

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