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September 7, 2009

Schools Employees: Keep A Good Hygiene To Prevent The Swine Flu

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School is starting all over the world. In some countries school starts this weeks, in others next week, the rest in two weeks time or three weeks. Like said it depends on your country. As you know the swine flu is not over yet, and it will not be “destroyed” too soon. The kids are the most affected the pregnant women therefore school officials and parents have to be very careful in order to prevent their kids from getting ill.

The officials from the Manassas school in Virginia have searched for a “fun way” to let the kids know that the swine flu still represents a danger. The school employees are also targeted, and they learned that a very good hygiene is the best way possible to fight against the swine flu. Sandy Thompson is a supervisor of administrative services for the schools, and after she spotted a poster at the public health department in Berkeley (California), she got the permission to distribute the poster in all Manassas schools.

The poster consists of four little, very angry, but cute monsters which say: Protect your health. Whack the flu!” and of tips on how to prevent the H1N1 virus from spreading. This poster has been distributed to the students and to their parents in order to remind everybody of the swine flu. Parents have to be more aware of the H1N1 virus because kids tend to be careless, but school officials say that they don’t want to scare people and to become “overly worried” because they could panic, and that’s definitely not good.

Right before school started, the Prince William district of the Virginia Department of Health “allocated” about 80 school nurses that will have to train and provide information on the swine flu. The nurses will have to spread a message of good hygiene, and they’ll have to teach students to wash their hands more often with soap and water, including after they sneezed or coughed.

A lot of preparations have been made, but like said: the school officials do not want parents and students to become too worried. Everybody has to be calm, and take care of themselves. People have to concentrate better on keeping a good hygiene and they won’t be get sick.

School officials say that schools will not be closed until a big number of students and staff get the swine flu, but if they’ll take care of themselves then this will not be the case. It’s better to prepare like this, to remain calm, and hope that nothing bad will happen. Let’s just be more careful and the kids, students, and us will be safe while the swine flu will be gone soon.

Protect Your Health. WHACK the Flu!

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