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April 17, 2009

Sanyo Prototype Short Throw Projector Looks Fine In 1080p

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Prototype Sanyo projector throws up 1080p at near point-blank range

Sanyo just dropped by recently to titillate us all with a demonstration of a prototype projector that, if our eyes may be believed, hurls up a whopping 100-inch, 1080p image from a distance of just two feet. Unfortunately, the projector’s a monster of a DLP, measuring 93 inches long, 20 inches high, and 25 inches at its lip. That’s quite all right, though; we’ll just throw a drape over the gosh-darn thing, heave ourselves up top of it, and watch the 7,000-lumen-bright 1,920 x 1,080 picture-show while our behinds rest comfortably on the gigantic, humming, hotter-‘n’-heck source of our huge-screen delight.

Can’t say for sure how much the prototype Sanyo short-throw projector’s gonna cost, or even when it’s gonna be market ready; however, if you’ve got a hankerin’ just to build one yourself, then have at it: We’ll just be right here watchin’ y’all at work.


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