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May 10, 2009

Rico 3.0 now runs on multiple libraries; LiveGrid with a jQuery theme for example?

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Ah Rico. It was a big shot when Ajax jumped on the scene and Bill Scott was lashing up the accordion landscape. Now time has moved on, and Bill keeps feeding us with usability goodness, but what about Rico?

Well, Matt Brown is now on the case and has an early preview of Rico 3.0 for us to check out:

While previous versions of Rico were tightly integrated with Prototype, the new version can work with any of 5 base libraries – Prototype, dojo, jQuery, MooTools, and ext-core. The event model, Ajax model, Animation model, and CSS selector model are tied to the base library, but adapters provide common calling conventions. So now if your project uses jQuery, you can still use Rico LiveGrids!

The second big change is that Rico 3.0 is compatible with jQuery Themeroller. There are 5 built-in Rico themes that have been extended to cover not just LiveGrid, but all Rico widgets. But if one of those isn’t exciting enough for you, you can now style LiveGrid and the other widgets using Themeroller. And, you can use those Themeroller themes without using jQuery – they will run with any of the 5 base libraries that Rico 3.0 is compatible with.

Great to see this old favorite doing good things. It is also fun to see how much is going “meta”. Remember when ExtJS was YUI only? Now Rico can run on top of Ext….. maybe one day everyone will be able to run on top of everyone else 😉

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