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August 31, 2009

Popularity Of Nutria Fur Coats!

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nutria fur coatsFur coats have long been a fashion statement and the demand for these products has increased throughout the years.

Fur coats seemingly endless fashion, mode and character have made it one of the top picks in fashion runways and fashion trade fairs.

The fur coat industry is one of the most exciting and challenging trade as well, bringing along with it controversies of animal rights activists as materials of some of the finest fur coats come from the rarest animals and are the most expensive ones.

A lot of different materials for fur coats have come out from beaver fur coats, to mink fur coats, to coyote fur coats, to dog fur coats, to white seal fur coats, and many more.

The possibilities for various fur materials are becoming more and more endless as manufacturers try to come up with new materials to meet today’s high demands and taste for fur coats.

Nutria fur coats:

Nutria fur coats made from the valued furbearer nutria animal is characterized by thick grayish underfur and long glossy guard hairs.  Nutria are large semi-aquatic rodent, that is mainly found wild in Argentina and southern USA particularly Louisiana.  The nutria is also farmed for its fur in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Wild nutria differs in colors ranging from dark brown to yellowish brown. The Nutria is similar to the beaver and is often sheared for a more lightweight and sporty feel.  Nutria fur coats have very soft and plush underfur, and are also popular for trims and linings. It is often dyed in various colors to give that fashionable and elegant touch.

In the past, nutria fur was only used for hatter’s felt, but as the increasing demand for furs and the rise in prices of furs significantly change, nutria skins have been more carefully removed, improved dressing, unhairing, and silvering processes have been done to best provide a very efficient and suitable fur for nutria fur coats, capes, muffs, hats, stoles, and gloves, while suing the lower quality nutrias as useful, inexpensive, light-weighted linings for men’s or women’s driving coats.

Nutria fur coats popularity in the market are paving the way for more and more nutria fur farms to increase the supply and meet that demands of the growing nutria fur market.  Nutria fur coats will always be considered as a symbol of status and accomplishment in the society and will always be highly regarded.

Whatever the reason for purchasing nutria fur coats, be it for luxury, fashion or investment, certain characteristics of nutria fur coat will always be there, and that is the warmth, practicality and style it can give its wearer.

Nutria fur coats will always be a part of fashion; they have been since, they are still now, and they will still be there tomorrow.  If you’re planning to get nutria fur coat, now may be the right time.

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