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May 19, 2010

Poker No-Limit Texas Hold’em Betting Rules

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Most poker players prefer to play Limit or Pot-Limit games when it comes to playing Texas Holdem, however No-Limit Texas Hold’em is the most popularly played form of this game today. This variant of the game is fairly recent and we take a look at the betting rules, just to make sure you have them straight in your head before you play.

No-Limit Texas Holdem was introduced when Doyle Brunson first introduced the game to the Las Vegas circuit, and ever since then it has increased in popularity. It is this game which allowed Chris Moneymaker to hit the spotlight with his 2003 WSOP Main Event coup, and it offers the opportunity to showcase your poker skill, strategy and how much of a chance you are prepared to take. In this game you can bet every single one of your chips at any juncture during a poker hand.

People are drawn to play this game because it is so unique and there are one of three options the Texas Hold ‘em, no-limit player is faced with: To “check” which is the same as call, “fold” is opt out of the game, or “Bet” which means raise.

When you call you are simply matching the previous bet, when you fold you are throwing in the towel and it doesn’t cost you additional money to do this, and if no bet has been raised yet, once this is done, all the players have the option to raise.

The No-limit Taxas Hold ‘em minimum bet is required to be at least equal to that of the “Big Blind” and a maximum bet is all the chips you have to play with. You are not allowed to add or remove any chips during a hand, so the maximum bet is your stack for that hand.

As soon as a bet has been placed you are only allowed to raise the same amount or more. For example if the bet was $10, the raise can only be $10 or more. Buy-ins vary from game to game and poker room to poker room, but no-limit game buy-ins can be pretty big and it is for this reason it is important to build a strong poker bankroll.

If the blind size is $1/$2 the minimum buy in is generally 20 big blinds which in this case would be $40 while the maximum would be $100. However some sites spread games and don’t feature a maximum buy-in.

No-limit Texas Holdem is a monumental game it is brute-force poker! Players are generally tight aggressive; they run up massive bluffs and play with very large stacks. It is not a game of finesse or a gentleman’s game, it is a thinking man’s and the name of the game is “Big Prize Money”.  Aggression in this game is not timed, it is par for the course and it is for this reason that luck really counts. It is without a doubt that many winners of the WSOP main event, made their names there – pure, unadulterated luck and aggressive play.

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