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August 9, 2009

Pittsburgh Gunman George Sodini Had A Blog Link Where To Keep A Diary

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I don’t think the Internet can get even more bizarre. A few days ago a gunman entered a gym in Pittsburgh, turned the light off, opened fire, killed 3, injured 9, and then committed suicide. The thing is that the Pittsburgh gunman had a blog where he kept a diary. George Sodini’s website clearly shows that he planned this attack one year ago, but decided to delay it in order to see the outcome of the elections even if he says that he doesn’t care, but thought it was interesting.

According to his neighbors he was really quiet, nice, and polite. If you read the text on his blog then you will notice that he was a nice guy, but as experts said he did it because he couldn’t find love. At the moment George Sodini’s blog link was removed, and it’s unknown, but the text on his website was published. We won’t post the text here, but we will post a link on where you can find it. The text contains explicit content and despite the appearances, don’t let you children read it.

George Sodini posted a self portrait on his blog which showed that he was never married, and the date when the attacks will occur months before the sad events at the Collier Township fitness club.

Read the text of George Sodini website here. Please note that the George Sodini blog link has been removed. Once again: pay attention as the text contains explicit content.

George Sodini

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