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July 26, 2010

Patrick Bruel, a typical French Poker player.

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Patrick Bruel was born in 1959 in French Algeria at Tlemcen. You probably don’t know him but, in France, Patrick Bruel is one of the most popular celebrities.

Patrick Bruel is a singer, an actor and also a Poker player. If he is so popular in France, it is because he is a great popular singer and also an experienced Poker player.

Indeed, Patrick Bruel had been playing poker for a few years already and, in 1998, Patrick Bruel won a WSOP tournament and became a world Champion; but the title doesn’t mean exactly the same thing in Europe as in USA. Actually, in Europe, we attribute the title of World Champion just for one person, in USA it is possible to attribute this title to a number of different people but just one of them can use the title officially. Difficult to understand but Americans are not always understandable.

When Patrick was 20, he was the idol of a lot of young girls and through his texts and his music Patrick tried to give his opinion about the world, especially in France. Patrick Bruel is a son of a migrant and he tried to defend the idea that everyone is equal in law. Thus, Patrick Bruel decided to protest against people who decided to vote for the Front National (an extreme right-wing group) in France. Where a mayor was from the FN, Patrick used to refuse to perform there. After a while, he played in different movies and took a break.

This popular frenchman has also a big hobby, Poker. Through him, hold’em poker became really popular in France and by this fact it won one of the WSOP tournaments. He has became a hero for a lot of people. This is why, in 2001, he decided to become a poker critic for the channel 4 of France.

Patrick Bruel has a good perception of poker game and could advise people about the risk of playing hard or bluffing. Through this experience, he created a DVD for helping beginner players and give them some advice as he used to do during tournaments.

His rewards are quite impressive; close to a million dollars and because of his different activities, he can’t play as many tournaments that he would like to. Nevertheless, even if Patrick Bruel is a great hold’em poker player, he also loves playing Omaha hold’em and he certainly prefers to play at this rather than playing Texas hold’em tournaments. He is not the only player like that. Ohama is probably more strategic and more interesting for a lot of gamers. Nowadays, Patrick Bruel is a dad and he prefers to spend his time with his son rather than playing poker but, probably like a lot of players, he must play online poker with some friends, just to keep in touch.

As you can see the poker is not just a hobby but it is also a way to live. Poker gives you more confidence in yourself and certainly a great time.

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