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March 23, 2011

Bonus hunting a new kind of sport

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A new kind of sport has developed amongst skilful online gamblers. It’s been already given several names, from bonus bagging to simple bonus hunting and it consists in taking advantage, or rather abusing, bonuses online casinos offer to newcomers to let the try out the games for free before they start betting their own money. A bonus hunter creates a new account in the casino, bags the bonus and absconds. Then he creates another account, again pockets the free money and disappears. Casinos now prevent the adverse effects of this behaviour by conditioning withdrawals of bonuses by a so called playthrough meaning that before you actually cash the free money out, you have to wager a certain amount from your own pocket first. Another preventative measure includes verifying the player’s identity to make sure no gambler can register two different accounts with one casino.

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February 24, 2011

Jackie Glazier becomes a sponsored pro

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The currently best female poker player in Australia is a former math teacher and a tennis player Jackie Glazier. Her talent has not gone unnoticed and she’s been readily snatched by Full Tilt Poker who are now sponsoring her as the site poker pro. Glazier began playing back in 2008 and said she discovered the lure of poker when playing a home game with friends. She has not gone full-time until December 2009. Her most remarkable achievement in terms of cash was almost $90k she managed to win last year. On Full Tilt’s roster of sponsored professionals she’s the first Australian female.

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February 9, 2011

Chinese celebrating their New Year in Las Vegas

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Millions of visitors have gathered to Las Vegas for the second biggest annual event – to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Although Macau has finally beaten Vegas in gambling profits and become a new world’s gambling capital, the Chinese still visit Vegas every year not minding the long way during which they need to change flights in order to get to the kingdom of fun. Las Vegas has been hosting this celebration since 1975 when Caesars Palace took the first step creating a tight-knitted bond between Vegas and China. Several Vegas operators already opened their subsidiaries in Asia, like the Wynn’s resorts and casino or the MGM Grand. Whilst there were more visitors on New Year’s Eve, profits might be even higher this time as the profile of an average Chinese New Year visitor is much closer to a high roller that it is usual in amongst ordinary audience.

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February 4, 2011

Poker making a reputation as a mighty charity fundraiser

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The Vault Night Club in Florida saw another charity poker tournament played to raise means for a good cause. The event was even more funny than usual as players who got below an established chip count average had to take a piece of clothing off and donate it to the cause. The limit was a bathing suit – the only piece of clothes the least lucky ones were allowed to leave on. Poker has become a massive source of money for charities and some US states where poker is still illegal are now considering changing the law in a way that would allow this source of money in. Poker has become one of the most popular sports in the past decade and an occasional show-off at a charity fundraiser helps people assuming a more tolerant approach to a game that was not long ago being associated with crime and the underworld.

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January 12, 2011

Stinkin’ Rich Project taking slots by storm

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The group behind the so called Stinkin’ Rich Project announced another smart concept to predict behaviour of land-based Stinkin’ Rich slot machines. The strategy is focused on creating bonus rounds with free spins. Members of the group can enjoy the benefit of the discovery and use it to maximise winning on the Stinkin’ Rich slot machines, on which the SRP founders claim to be able to control multipliers and bonus rounds whilst keeping the bets at a minimum. Slot machines areo by far the most popular game in any casino and also the only one to be found in so many variations. Big casinos, both brick-and-mortar and online ones, often offer tens or hundreds of them in their gambling lobbies.

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October 19, 2010

Learn the rules of the roulette

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Roulette is a casino game and in this game, a ball is dropped into a small wheel (roulette in French) that rotates. The ball then stops in a square with a number, this number determines the winner based on their (s) bet (s). A legend tells that the wheel was invented by the Romans who during their campaigns, taking down the wheels of their chariots to play roulette and has fun for a little moment. Roulette, in its current state, emerged in Europe in the early 18th century; nowadays roulette is played in all online casinos and real casinos and can allow logical and smart players to get quickly profits.

The roulette player has a certain sum of money but at the beginning of the game, the player swaps their money to chips. He uses these chips to place his bets on the felt that is beside the roulette. The wheel is composed of 37 from 0 to 36.

The player has the option to bet on one of those 37 boxes or make a simple game (bet on odd or even number, the player can also bet on the case which gather the 1 to the 18 or between 19 and 36, bet on the colour of the winning number or on the dozens and columns)

The outside bets:

Lack: means that the player is betting on the numbers 1 to 18 of the roulette

Pair: to bet on even numbers
Red: to bet on red number, this includes all numbers listed in red
Black: to bet on black number, this covers all numbers that appear in black
Odd: it is to bet on odd numbers of roulette
Pass: means to bet on numbers between 19 to 36

For all these games called “Single Chance”, the odds are 1. For example, you bet £20 on red number, you will get £40.

As its name suggests it is about betting on 12 boxes in once (for example you bet on the boxes 1 to 12). For all these games called “dozens”, the odds are 2. For example, you bet £20 on red number, you will get £60.

bet on a column, betting either on the output column of numbers 1-34, 2-35 or 3-36.
For all these games called “columns”, the odds are 2. For example, you bet £20 on red number, you will get £60.

Zero can be played in full as any number. Zero, when you only bet on it (a full number means that you don’t bet on 2 numbers in once) as a odd of 35 times means for a bet of £10 you will receive £350

Playing “box full”

Any number can be played in full box.

A number played in full reports a net gain of 35 times your bet.

Play “horse”

Play horse means that you place your bet between two boxes at the same time (for example you bet on 1 and 2, so you place your bet between the two boxes).A horse played up reports a net gain of 17 times your bet.

September 7, 2010

Gambling game around Europe

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There are so many reasons to play online. Since online games are legalised in France, gambling are becoming more and more important on the internet but Also on TV. Patrick Bruel has never been so present on our screens.

However, it is interesting to know that online games have been allowed in many European countries before us. The article 49 of the European treaty, signed by all countries of the EU, establishes freedom movement of markets, services and men in all of economic markets in Europe.  Therefore, the law requires that European countries have to open their borders to competitors and thereby, European countries cannot have a monopoly market. So what’s going on in the rest in Europe about gambling games?

Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland and Hungary have already opened the online bet markets and have also opened their market to online gambling licences. Today, Spain and Italy have also opened their markets to online casino and poker. Germany, Finland and Hungary are still sceptical about online games such as casinos and poker tournaments. The laws currently prohibit the residents of these countries to play online, so countries have a veto, which is allowed because the country itself does not practice this activity. It means that the country doesn’t have a monopoly on this market.  German people can bet online but can’t play gambling game such as poker or casinos.

England, Malta and Sweden have already legalized gaming games since a certain time  and some of them are available on the stock exchange. The Casino companies employ many independent companies to check daily if online gambling websites respect laws imposed by the country.

Portugal is an exception, it allows hazard game but in 2009, Bwin attacked the country for monopolising the market. Answering to this attack, Portugal affirmed that profits and taxes from these kinds of businesses were used to finance projects for disabled children and to maintain the State hospitals in the country. As Indeed, the application from Bwin was rejected and Portugal is an exception in Europe because it is the only country which can keep the monopoly of the online game.

Switzerland and Denmark allows online games but the licenses are assigned by professionals. The countries have demonstrated their willingness to follow the imperative of the EU.

Greece wants to keep a monopoly on the online game and through that the country has to pay everyday a fine of 3500 Euros, for keeping the monopoly of this market, to the European commission.

In France, in 2009, the country has to answer to the fact that the country maintained a monopoly about the gambling game in the country and after a lengthy trial, France had no choice than opening its market to the competitor. Today, in France, online sport bet, horse racing and online poker are allowed however online casinos are still banned. Legislation regarding casinos games won’t be available before 2012.

Gambling games is an important market which can make a lot of benefits but with strong constraints from all of the countries.

August 31, 2010

The best qualities in Poker

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Become a professional poker player is not easy and it is good to know that many professional players have been playing poker in U.S.A since their childhood but also many of them hold degrees from large schools in mathematics or engineering … However, major players have just learned on the job. The qualifications for being a good poker player are:


When you play poker, you must have a self control and you have to work regularly your analysis of the game and your ability to observe players’ actions. These things can give you clues on how to players play and their weaknesses. The discipline is also a way of life, when you play at poker, you should be able to conduct yourself as an athlete. Take care of yourself, you train several hours a day on the discipline balanced eating, sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a day. Playing an International tournament can take hours or even days and you must be able to focus on the game during this time. Accepting defeat is also an important point in poker. If you are unable to accept the fact you can lose against other players, you’ll never be a good player. If, after losing a big hand, you are angry (also tilt) or you have a revenge desire, you must be able to control it because without that, you lose and you’ll make big mistakes games.

Manage your financial capital.

Never play more than you have, it is easy to win, once you have acquired all the necessary qualities to be a true poker player. But if your capital base is not very high, do not play more than you have, play between 5-10% of your capital and if you lose reduce the margin.

Being a specialist of mathematics

It is essential to be knowledgeable in terms of probabilities and also in mathematics. This is exactly why we find so many poker players with degrees in maths. Why is it important? This allows you to estimate your game and the odds of winning. Each hand represents a probability. If For example, you have two tiles in your hand and the flop gave you a tile, the probability of a flush is about 19%. On 52 cards 13 are the same suit than yours. Knowing that some players had probably some of your suit in their hands, you can expect to have 15% of chance to have a flush. Also estimate the probability: at first it takes time to calculate each probability but with time you will become better.

The psychology of the adversary

It is important to observe how your opponents play. You have to observe if they plays aggressive or save, if they prefer to fold or play any hand, if they like to see the flop. All its parameters must be taken into account. If they like to see the flop, make a big raise to oblige them to play for something.

Be ready to live a fantastic adventure and enjoy it forever!

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July 26, 2010

Patrick Bruel, a typical French Poker player.

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Patrick Bruel was born in 1959 in French Algeria at Tlemcen. You probably don’t know him but, in France, Patrick Bruel is one of the most popular celebrities.

Patrick Bruel is a singer, an actor and also a Poker player. If he is so popular in France, it is because he is a great popular singer and also an experienced Poker player.

Indeed, Patrick Bruel had been playing poker for a few years already and, in 1998, Patrick Bruel won a WSOP tournament and became a world Champion; but the title doesn’t mean exactly the same thing in Europe as in USA. Actually, in Europe, we attribute the title of World Champion just for one person, in USA it is possible to attribute this title to a number of different people but just one of them can use the title officially. Difficult to understand but Americans are not always understandable.

When Patrick was 20, he was the idol of a lot of young girls and through his texts and his music Patrick tried to give his opinion about the world, especially in France. Patrick Bruel is a son of a migrant and he tried to defend the idea that everyone is equal in law. Thus, Patrick Bruel decided to protest against people who decided to vote for the Front National (an extreme right-wing group) in France. Where a mayor was from the FN, Patrick used to refuse to perform there. After a while, he played in different movies and took a break.

This popular frenchman has also a big hobby, Poker. Through him, hold’em poker became really popular in France and by this fact it won one of the WSOP tournaments. He has became a hero for a lot of people. This is why, in 2001, he decided to become a poker critic for the channel 4 of France.

Patrick Bruel has a good perception of poker game and could advise people about the risk of playing hard or bluffing. Through this experience, he created a DVD for helping beginner players and give them some advice as he used to do during tournaments.

His rewards are quite impressive; close to a million dollars and because of his different activities, he can’t play as many tournaments that he would like to. Nevertheless, even if Patrick Bruel is a great hold’em poker player, he also loves playing Omaha hold’em and he certainly prefers to play at this rather than playing Texas hold’em tournaments. He is not the only player like that. Ohama is probably more strategic and more interesting for a lot of gamers. Nowadays, Patrick Bruel is a dad and he prefers to spend his time with his son rather than playing poker but, probably like a lot of players, he must play online poker with some friends, just to keep in touch.

As you can see the poker is not just a hobby but it is also a way to live. Poker gives you more confidence in yourself and certainly a great time.

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June 14, 2010

New Site From Riva

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Riva Poker is another website from the Riva Group, an online poker website with a reputation for quality, security and a range of poker games. The enjoyable gaming environment created by Riva Poker allows the players to enjoy the variety of poker they like the most. Register right away to get involved with an extremely enjoyable poker community. Challenge players from different countries to tournaments and see if you can make money whilst enjoying yourself on this new online poker site from Riva.

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