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June 16, 2009

Opera Unite Services Launched To Reinvent The Web

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Today is the day Opera reinvents the web. A few days ago were promised something revolutionary from Opera, and today we got it as the company launched a new service called Opera Unite. This service will allow computer users to transform their computer into a web server. Of course, you have to use the Opera browser along with Opera Unite to make it work. Opera Unite will offer a new experience for users as you and your computer will not interact with the web, both will be a part of the web.

Opera Unite allows users to share content and almost everything from their computers by directly linking them together. Opera will give developers the chance to develop Opera Unite services AKA applications which will allow users to connect their PCs with their friends’ machines without the need of additional software, only the browser is required. The ideas can be unlimited, and Opera believes that there are no limits of what you can do using Opera Unite.
Thanks to the innovative Opera Unite, users will have the possibility to share images, musics, files, documents, notes, and everything from their computer with their friends, and there is a chat room where you can discuss. According to Opera, you will not be forced into using the Opera browser as the Opera Unite services will work with “any modern browser including mobile browsers” but the company recommends Opera.

Now that the Opera Unite services are up&running, you can integrate them in the newly-released Opera 10 beta and users can create whatever they want by using AJAX, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and SVG.

For the moment there are only a few Opera Unite services like:

  • File Sharing: allows users to share files directly and safely from their computer.
  • Photo Sharing: allows users to share files directly from their computer without uploading them on a photo-sharing website.
  • Fridge: allows users to leave notes on someone else’s computer.
  • The Lounge: allows users to open a chat room on their computer.
  • Media Player: allows users to access their music library from their PC from wherever they are.
  • Web Server: allows users to host websites using their computer.
  • My Opera Unite Page: a service which lists a user’s Opera Unite services.

I must say that I was skeptical about this, but Opera Unite and its services looks great. Check out the video below, and you can read more at here. Download the Opera Unite Services here.

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