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June 27, 2009

MooTools: Saving the dollars, replacing document.write

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The religion behind a simple $ has been fierce in the Web world. MooTools has decided to make the Dollar Safe Mode which is similar to cousins such as jQuery.noConflict (in MooTools case it just looks for the $ function). Now you can just use if you want to play in the wild, or wrap up in a closure to be nice:


  2. (function(){
  3.     var $ =;
  5.     this.X = new Class({
  6.         initialize: function(element){
  7.             this.element = $(element);
  8.         }
  9.     });
  10. })();

Please note that MooTools will probably remain incompatible with other frameworks that modify native prototypes, as there will probably be more name clashes. This isn’t a cross-framework compatible MooTools version by any means, nor does it want to be. The whole point is not to “steal” the dollar function from other libraries.

In other MooTools news, MooTools Core Dev Thomas Aylott (subtleGradient) shows another example of overriding document.write():

I created a replacement for document.write that saves the arguments and then injects them into the page after the dom is ready. This is useful for embedding gists on your page since you can use the additional filter option to reject stuff from being written to your page. This would also be really handy for sites that include JavaFX or certain ads or anything that requires the use of document.write on your page. By deferring the injection of that stuff until after the dom is ready your visitors see the page content before any of the extras like Java applets or ads begin to load.

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