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September 3, 2009

Look For The Right Golf Club Shaft!

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golf club shaftMost golfers do not realize how important the golf club shaft is. According to one expert it is the driving force of your game.

You need a good driving shaft as much as you need a good set of golf heads.

Find the golf club shaft that is right for you:

In order to achieve the ball flight, ball dispersion, feel, or distance, you need to know how to find the golf club shaft that is right for you.

If you are a beginning golfer you may want to spend some time practicing with different sets of golf clubs. This will help you find the right feel for your swing.

Expert golfers suggest that less experienced golfers start out with a more flexible shaft. Then, if that is not the right one for you, you may want to consider one that is a little stiffer.

You will not necessarily have to buy golf clubs in order to try them out. Instead, you may be able to attend demo days located on the green.

Beginner golfers are not the only ones who will need to acquire new golf club shafts. Intermediate players who want to troubleshoot ways to improve their golf play may consider checking into purchasing new golf club shafts.

Quite a few amateur golfers who have been around for a while have used a launch monitor. This is a system by which a golfer’s entire swing is analyzed.

The aspects of a golf swing that are analyzed include that of club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, and backswing rate.

These are the key points, which will help you know if you are using not only the right golf club shaft, but also the right golf head and right golf ball. All of these three items must be correctly synchronized with your ability level and your overall playing style.

The Flex (the swing) can be monitored without the use of the launch monitor as well as with it. If you are on the green and you know exactly how far you can hit your driver, this can be used to determine your flex.

Players, who have the ability to hit the ball more than 260 yards off the tree, should be advised to use a stiffer flex. Other players should use as soft of a shaft that they can comfortably control.

In addition, players who are not sure what their flex is they may be better off starting with a softer flex.

The above is recommended advice, but everyone is different when it comes to golf. As far as the weight of a shaft, it is a matter of personal preference.

What matters the most is that you know what to expect in as many scenarios as possible. For instance, lighter shafts will help you swing the ball faster. However, a lighter shaft can often cost you some consistency and accuracy.

Another scenario regarding the use of golf club shafts is one you will need to know about as well. A longer driver will produce a longer drive but the extra length makes it more difficult for you to make contact with the sweet spot.

A shorter drive has the opposite effect-greater consistency and accuracy with less distance. A different shaft is used for each case.

You may find that you need more than one type of golf club shaft during a game. This is the reason why people bring a whole bag of clubs to the course. Some people even have their heads and golf club shafts custom designed.

You will not have to worry about that if you are at the beginning and intermediate state. However, you may need to invest in some serious money if you plan to make it to the pros.

You may spend hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of dollars on golf clubs for a successful game. Whether or not it is worth it to you to spend that much money on clubs is up to you.

It depends upon how dedicated to the game you are, or how seriously you take golf play. There is nothing wrong with being a casual golf player, though.

It is just better if you know exactly how much time and effort you plan on putting into your game before you actually commit to purchasing higher quality golf clubs.

If you are looking for the right golf club shaft and you are ready to buy new ones you can often find them at your local sporting goods store. They usually carry golf club shafts in a variety of lengths, styles, and prices.

They usually carry golf equipment for all purposes. In the event you live in a remote area where purchasing golf equipment is not an option, you can try shopping for them online.

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