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June 27, 2009

List Of Five Golfing Exercises

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Every golfer may have a slightly different golfing exercise regime. However, this is a list of five of the most popular golfing exercises every golfer should use. They are as follows:

Five popular golfing exercises for every golfer

1.            Standing Twist with Club: In this golfing exercise you hold your club chest high with grip a shoulder width a part. While in a stance with your feet spread apart, you would then turn to the left and then turn to the right, with the club still in your hands. Exhale on every turn to release tension, and repeat at least 10 times on each side.

2.            Backswing Stretch with Club: First you extend left arm out in front of you, if you are a right-handed golfer. If you are a left-handed golfer you would extend out your right hand. Then, you would take both hands on top of the club. After that, you would drop your upper body down against the club to feel strength in your left shoulder. Then you would hold this position for 15 second, and repeat once more, and do the same to the opposite side.

3.            The Seated Twist: First, sit in an office chair or table chair in an upright position-your chest high and your back straight. Then, reach behind your back with your left arm, and leverage your right arm against your left leg. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds, and then repeat. You would then switch arms and repeat what you did on the first side twice.

4.            The Seated Hamstring Stretch: While you are seated, you would raise right foot and place it on a desktop or tabletop. Lean forward towards your feet. Make sure your upper back stays straight during this golfing exercise. You would hold this for 10 seconds and then repeat, and then you would do the same thing for the left leg twice.

5.            Weight Training: You can use a bench press and dumbbell weight sets to perform various weight-training golfing exercises to help golfers improve their swings. You can find more specific information regarding this when you read additional articles about weight training for golfers. These articles can be found for free when you search for them in your favorite web browser.

The common misconception of those who shun weight training for golf players is that these golfing exercises will limit a golfer’s play.  This could not be further from the truth.

In recent years, more and more golfers are learning the important of incorporating weight-training golfing exercises along with their regular stretching golfing exercise regime.

If you participate in a basic program of stretching and weight training golfing exercises, you can help improve your driving power as well as improve the safety of your swing forces.

You need to find what exact training program will work best for you. There are a variety of ways in which you can do this, including using the information you have found in this article.

The time period required to complete a golfing exercise routine takes most golfers between 25 to 35 minutes for three times a week in the fitness center.

They also did some home training golfing exercises as well, of various kinds. A combination of both gym machine exercises and free-weight golfing exercises can help you, and can provide for you an adequate strength-training program in these golfing exercises.

Depending upon which home or gym exercises you do on a regular basis, you are likely to notice improvements in your muscle strength within a month.

You will also notice changes in your body composition. In addition, you will gradually be able to replace more fat with muscle as you perform these golfing exercises.

If you want to test your fat/muscle composition in order to find out much it has changed, this test can be performed with skin fold calipers.

When you do this you will notice that all the muscles that you work will become firmer, including those of your legs, arms, as well as upper body and other areas that you decide to train. In addition, you will find that your waist size will decrease as well.

Some of the equipment that you would use to train with could include resistance machine with multiple golfing exercise options, along with different weight levels of dumbbells, medicine balls, and rehabilitation equipment. Many golfing exercises are designed to utilize a gofer’s own body weight as well.

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