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October 19, 2010

Learn the rules of the roulette

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Roulette is a casino game and in this game, a ball is dropped into a small wheel (roulette in French) that rotates. The ball then stops in a square with a number, this number determines the winner based on their (s) bet (s). A legend tells that the wheel was invented by the Romans who during their campaigns, taking down the wheels of their chariots to play roulette and has fun for a little moment. Roulette, in its current state, emerged in Europe in the early 18th century; nowadays roulette is played in all online casinos and real casinos and can allow logical and smart players to get quickly profits.

The roulette player has a certain sum of money but at the beginning of the game, the player swaps their money to chips. He uses these chips to place his bets on the felt that is beside the roulette. The wheel is composed of 37 from 0 to 36.

The player has the option to bet on one of those 37 boxes or make a simple game (bet on odd or even number, the player can also bet on the case which gather the 1 to the 18 or between 19 and 36, bet on the colour of the winning number or on the dozens and columns)

The outside bets:

Lack: means that the player is betting on the numbers 1 to 18 of the roulette

Pair: to bet on even numbers
Red: to bet on red number, this includes all numbers listed in red
Black: to bet on black number, this covers all numbers that appear in black
Odd: it is to bet on odd numbers of roulette
Pass: means to bet on numbers between 19 to 36

For all these games called “Single Chance”, the odds are 1. For example, you bet £20 on red number, you will get £40.

As its name suggests it is about betting on 12 boxes in once (for example you bet on the boxes 1 to 12). For all these games called “dozens”, the odds are 2. For example, you bet £20 on red number, you will get £60.

bet on a column, betting either on the output column of numbers 1-34, 2-35 or 3-36.
For all these games called “columns”, the odds are 2. For example, you bet £20 on red number, you will get £60.

Zero can be played in full as any number. Zero, when you only bet on it (a full number means that you don’t bet on 2 numbers in once) as a odd of 35 times means for a bet of £10 you will receive £350

Playing “box full”

Any number can be played in full box.

A number played in full reports a net gain of 35 times your bet.

Play “horse”

Play horse means that you place your bet between two boxes at the same time (for example you bet on 1 and 2, so you place your bet between the two boxes).A horse played up reports a net gain of 17 times your bet.

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