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August 30, 2009

Kaspersky Mobile Security 8 Analysis

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5619_kaspersky_mobilesecurity-09With more and more users being aware that they need a security suite or at least an antivirus to protect their computer from various threats and with the increase of mobile internet users, it was only logical that we will need security software for our mobile phones. In this article we will talk about how you can use Kaspersky Mobile Security 8 to protect your mobile phone against hackers and other threats.

It is incorrectly believed that only people that use business-level terminals need mobile security. As long as you use your phone for multimedia services or mobile internet, your security may be at risk. If your email password gets stolen (let’s say Gmail for instance), you are giving a free pass for unauthorized use on forums, social sites and services like Steam or This not a small thing and this is why you should take precautions.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 8 is a mobile security suite that offers an array of services such as antivirus protection, antispam, firewall and data encrypting and even a series of features that were specifically designed for mobile phone use such as call and message filtering. Mobile Security 8 can be installed on Symbian 9.1 / Windows Mobile 5.0 or any newer versions of these OS. You will also need a data connection and active SMS services to unleash its full power.

Stats say that 34% of the mobile phones in Europe are using data connections. This means that a lot of people could have problems if a mass infection occurs (this is just as probable as the mass virus infections that happened on home computers).

There is no need to talk about how the firewall and the antivirus works since it works exactly like the similar software installed on your computer. We can say, though that the virus detection works great and that Mobile Security 8 will not use a lot of your mobile phone’s memory. The encryption module works well, but it is limited to a single folder, which can be a problem sometimes.

A very interesting feature in Mobile Internet Security is the Anti Theft Module. There are for ways of protecting your phone. The first one is called SIM Watch and will automatically lock your phone if the SIM is changed. To unlock, the user will have to enter a password.

The next two options work by SMS. As long as the terminal can receive an SMS, the phone can be locked or delete all the data on the phone. This can be done by sending an SMS that will look like “block/clean: password”. Neat, huh?

The last is the most interesting. If the phone has a GPS module, by sending a text message “find:password” the phone will detect its position and then automatically send a message with the coordinates to the number it was controlled from.

Overall, Kaspersky Mobile Security 8 is one of the best options for protecting your phone. If you are using multimedia services or internet services a lot on your mobile phone, KMS 8 is a choice we recommend.

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