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September 3, 2009

Is The Abee Meteorite A Remnant From Mercury?

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Abee MeteoriteThe year was 1952. Late in the evening on June ninth, the population in the Alberta, Canada province reported the sighting of a fireball in the sky.

Moments later, explosions were heard followed by concussions or shock waves as a meteorite entered the Earth’s atmosphere and landed in a farmer’s wheat field.

When the impact site of this meteorite was located, searchers found a six-foot deep hole that was approximately three feet in diameter.  Nestled at the bottom of this large hole appeared to be a large rock, which was crusted-over and black.

When scientists got a hold of this amazing find, they named it the Abee Meteorite, after the town closest to the discovery.  Scientists also discovered that Abee meteorite was rather odd.  Some of it is a mystery and is still part of an intense study.

First of all, the Abee meteorite had a number of weird minerals where oxygen is not around. In its place within the Abee meteorite was sulfur. In fact, if you were to cut open a piece of Abee meteorite, you would like encounter a smell that is like discharged gun powder; in other words, the smell was sulfur.

In addition to the odd smell of sulphur, the inner structure of Abee meteorite had weird breccia. Basically, what this means is that the composition was like a rock, which had a number of pointy pieces in it that were cemented together in a matrix format.

The clastic form of the rocks reflects the meteor’s makeup and in this case it had some metal in it. None of the other meteors discovered have this type of structure and is therefore classified as unusual.

Theories on the Abee Meteorite:

Astronomers and researchers in regards to the Abee Meteorite have bandied about a number of hypotheses.  Perhaps the most interesting theory is that the Abee meteorite might have been formed around Mercury.

The Abee meteorite might have had shards and pieces of rocks known as clasts expelled from it during an aggressive impact landing.  What is not known is how Abee meteorite chose an orbit that crossed over the Earth. No scientific researchers can really describe it.

What they have done however is test the components of the Abee Meteorite.  They discovered that the minerals and chemical components of the rocks used in war would be what you might find on the planet Mercury.

What is so unusual about the composition of Abee meteorite is that was comprised of chondrites, specifically enstatite chondrites.  Only about two percent of all meteorites have this in common.

Chondrites are meteorites made of stone that have not been altered in any way. They usually form from the different types of grains and small dust particles found in the atmosphere.

Another thing that is different about these enstatite chondrites is that they are missing oxygen.    This means that they are comprised of a lot of magnesium silicate mineral enstatite. This also means that they have a lot of different minerals within these pieces that do not require oxygen like sinoite or perryite.

This is a rare type of meteorite.  Abee meteorite must have been created in a place in the solar system that is oxygen-deprived.  And one of these oxygen-lacking places is Mercury.

So, what can the Abee meteorite teach us? It can teach us several things.  First of all, it can let us know if there are any signs of life forms on or within the meteorite.  If there were, that gives people here on Earth an idea about possible signs of life on other planets.

Second, a meteorite lends clues as to what is out there in our solar system.  Even though the Abee meteorite was collected over half a century ago, scientists are still examining it and learning more and more about our solar system.

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