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September 1, 2009

How To Use iPhone Shortcuts For Easy Navigation

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iphone-keyboardIf you feel like you are having problems navigating your iPhone, you might want to make full use of the shortcuts Apple has prepared for you. These shortcuts are easy to use and can make your life a lot easier while writing messages and such. Here are ten of these shortcuts.

1. Adding a comma to your text is in fact a very simple thing to do. Press and hold the “123” button and slide your finger to the comma without lifting your finger. This can also be used for quotation marks, and any other symbol that is displayed when holding the “123” button. If you want to add a period, you can simply tap the space bar twice.

2. Scrolling back to the top of a page can be done instantly by tapping the address bar. Very useful for web browsing and text reading.

3. Got tired of always entering www. or “.com” ? You don’t have to enter them at all. Enter the site name and safari will instantly convert it. For example, if you enter “google”, you will instantly be directed to

4. When you want to reset your iPhone because it is becoming unresponsive, you can press the “sleep/wake” button for about 10 seconds and it will get the job done. If you hold it for about 6 seconds, your iPhone will forcedly quit your current application.

5. When entering text via the keyboard, holding down a key will bring up more options. For instance, the .com button on the keyboard, when held down, will bring up .org, .net, .edu, etc. Holding the E button will bring up an e with an accent. In addition, when completing the TO field (for sending mails), you can hold down the period to bring up .com, .edu, .net, .edu, etc.

6. If you want to quickly delete an email from the list, you can swipe your finger just like you would cross out an item on a list. The Delete button will come up so you can confirm your action.

7. Switching screens can be done either by swiping your finger from left to right across the screen or by tapping once near the corner, closely to the row of dots.

8. Contractions are a cool way of ensuring fast e-mail and message completion. But there are times when you want to enter we’ll but you enter well. You don’t have to enter the ‘ manually. Simply reenter the last letter of the word (welll) in our case and your iPhone will suggest we’ll. It’s and i’ll will be automatically suggested when omitting the ‘.

9. If your iPhone is connected to the Edge network and you want to switch to 3G, you can quickly commute to airplane mode and then deactivate it. If you are in 3G coverage, the iPhone will detect it and use it automatically.

10. If you want to silence an incoming call, you can press the sleep/hold button at the top of the device. When pressed again, it will reject the incoming call. This is a quick way to silence your phone in some situations.

There you go. I am convinced that using these shortcuts will ensure a better and faster navigation around your iPhone.

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