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August 10, 2009

How To Host A Co-Ed Bridal Shower?

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Bridal showers are not just for women anymore. Traditionally, only women attended a bridal shower in order to “shower” the bride with items for her new married life.

Now, as more couples pitch in together to pay for a wedding, co-ed bridal showers seem more appropriate. Generally, a co-ed bridal shower is for the bride and groom and all of their closest friends.

Hosting a co-ed bridal shower

Hosting a co-ed bridal shower can be fun because they are usually less formal than a traditional bridal shower. Almost anyone can attend a co-ed bridal shower.

Sometimes, the bride and groom want close family and friends, and other times, co-workers can be invited. In addition, a relative of the bride or groom does not usually hold a co-ed bridal shower. Friends usually plan co-ed bridal showers.

In addition, if you are hosting a co-ed bridal shower, talk to the bride and groom about whom to invite. Most etiquette rules say that anyone who is invited to a bridal shower must also be invited to the actual wedding.

At a co-ed bridal shower, friends and family of both the groom and the bride are generally included in the shower guest list.

There are many options for a co-ed bridal shower. If your home is not large enough to hold a large amount of people, consider holding the shower at a restaurant, a park, or a rented room.

Also, there are no set rules about when to hold a co-ed bridal shower. Consider any time of the day that is convenient, a good time to host a co-ed shower. Most guests will enjoy a relaxed, informal shower so if that is what you are planning, make sure to mention that on your invitation.

You can hold a co-ed bridal shower just about anywhere. One popular option is to host a weekend barbeque at a park, lake or just in the backyard. If you want something a little more formal, consider hosting a wine and cheese shower.

Ask each guest to bring a different type of wine. As a host, you will provide the cheese, crackers and other snacks. The couple’s favorite restaurant is another good option for hosting a co-ed bridal shower. Look for a place that has a large banquet-type room that can hold all invited guest.

Fun co-ed bridal shower themes:

When you host a co-ed shower, consider having a theme. This can be fun for both the guests and the bride and groom. Some ideas might be a honeymoon theme.

Ask guests to bring gifts that the couple can use on their honeymoon. This might include luggage, cameras, lingerie, and gift cards for hotels or restaurants in the city where they will be visiting or even photo albums for the honeymoon pictures.

Another fun co-ed bridal shower theme might be an electronic theme. Any groom will appreciate new electronics for the new home. Ask guests to bring items such as stereos, DVD players or movies, music CDs, computer software, digital clocks or even sound machines. Anything that the couple does not already own will be a great gift for this type of shower.

It is acceptable to hold a co-ed bridal shower even if the bride and groom prefer a more traditional shower. The couple might need basic necessities for their homes such as tableware or towels.

Find out where they have registered for gifts and include that information on the shower invitation.

When you plan a co-ed bridal shower, you might want to consider playing a few games. Appropriate games and activities can help fill the time if you are having a more traditional shower in your home. Think about the guests that will be in attendance and plan your games and activities to suit the guests.

Do not plan games or activities that might be considered offensive if you will have a mixed crowd. Instead, concentrate on icebreaker games or trivia games about the bride and groom.

You can even add interest to the shower by playing men against the women games. If you are hosting a barbeque or outdoor shower, the men might feel more comfortable with other activities, while the bride opens her gifts.

Planning and hosting a co-ed bridal shower can be fun and exciting. It is becoming more common for showers to include both men and women. Find out what your bride and groom prefer and plan the shower around their preferences.

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