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August 30, 2009

How Minks Are Skinned Alive For Fur Coats?

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minkHave you read or heard some stories telling you that most minks are skinned alive for fur coats?  Well, this method is so common in the fur industry.

Several farms have used such brutal method of killing minks just to produce fur coats, and although this news seemed truly heart breaking, there are no laws to stop such kind of method for killing fur-bearers.

So, in what way that minks are skinned alive for fur coats?

Prior to the skinning, the fur farmers pack minks into small cages. They do this for one purpose – to keep the minks in their position or to prevent them from taking more than a few steps back and forth. Of course, this kind of confinement is very much distressing to these solitary creatures who may occupy the waterways and lakes in the world.

And, this kind of unnatural environment is what tends them to self-mutilate. Many experts have noted that minks confined into this kind of environment tend to bite their tails, feet and skin.  But, they are given with enough food and water to keep them surviving.

Now minks are skinned alive for fur coats in a number of ways.  The ways on how the minks are skinned alive for fur coats greatly differ knowing that no federal humane slaughter law is raised and passed to protect these animals on fur farms.

What the fur farmers usually do is that they use their own methods of killing knowing that they care only for the quality of the furs.  So, the way the minks are skinned alive for fur coats greatly depend on the fur farmers’ aim of keeping the pelts intact and in good quality, and this is what actually results to the animals tremendously suffering from the gruesome way of killing.

One notable report has noted that in China, the minks are skinned alive for fur coats by simply grabbing them by their hind legs and slamming them against the ground. Most of the fur farmers do this by slamming the head first in an attempt to kill them.

Aside from this killing method, it was further reported that many of those minks that are literally skinned alive for fur coats were first beaten with wooden sticks or metal rods. Some animals are killed out of this method, but there are other minks that are only stunned.

Some are even convulsing and trembling, while the fur farmers are literally skinning them, while there are others that are trying to craw away just to skip from that brutal deed.   All of these methods are done without even caring if the mink is already dead or not before they ripped the animal’s skin.

What worse about that method of skinning is that once that the minks are skinned alive for fur coats, the skinned bodies are usually tossed into a pile. Many of the investigators who have covered this brutal method of killing have even found out that many of those minks who are into the pile are still alive, blinking slowly and gasping just to survive.

Having said all that, there’s nothing better we can do now than to pray for the end of the intense suffering of minks and other fur bearers.  And, whether you deny it or not, such cruelties will only end when the public start to refuse buying or wearing fur coats.

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