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June 16, 2009

How Are The Carbon Monoxide Alarms Useful?

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CO Alarms are carbon monoxide alarms, which protect homes from colorless, gas, odorless poisons. Carbon monoxide alarms prevent poisons from seeping into your home.

Recent studies shows that each day families are at risk of carbon monoxide poisons, and most they die or fall ill to the poisons do not have carbon monoxide alarms in their home.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) recommend that every home have proper installed carbon monoxide alarms in their home to prevent fatality and/or illness. The home security systems should be installed properly.

According to reports, each winter month, news hit the media. The stories covered tell us that consumers give way to CO or carbon monoxide.

The poisonous gases seep through the air in homes and are often undetected, simply because there was not a carbon monoxide alarms installed in the home.

Since carbon monoxide alarms are not installed, more than 200 individuals die, while thousands seek medical attention due to exposure of Carbon Monoxide.

CO does not provide signs. The only way you can tell if Carbon Monoxide is present is to install carbon monoxide alarms. According to UL, 80% of the homes in America do not have carbon monoxide alarms installed.

How does CO get in homes?

Carbon monoxide seeps in when ventilation is pour and furnaces, stoves, water heaters, etc are not properly functioning.

How can the carbon monoxide alarms protect you?

Carbon monoxide alarms can protect you, since the equipment of Carbon monoxide alarms detects the level of carbon monoxide, and if the levels are high, the system will send a sound warning.

How can you prevent Carbon Monoxide?

Again, you will need to install a carbon monoxide alarm in your home. The system should be properly installed.

You will have instructions with the purchase of your carbon monoxide alarms, which will instruct you how to install.

You should avoid installing the device near areas where your family rest. In addition, you should avoid installing the alarm near heated areas, such as gas stoves.

Moreover, the device should be tested regularly, and the batteries must be replaced annually. Avoid installing cheap batteries.

What do you do when the carbon monoxide alarm alerts you?

You should immediately press the Reset and Silence Button. Once you press the button immediately, call 911.

Once you make your call, immediately get your family outside so they can recover with fresh air. Make sure that your family is directed to group when the sound alarm warns you.

In other words, prepare you family. Once outside you do not want to re-enter the home until emergency experts test your home and recommend the proper repairs.

How can you know that you are exposed to carbon monoxide?

Some people live unaware that they are affected by carbon monoxide. However, those who feel the affects may feel dizzy; have difficulty breathing, experience headaches, etc. You may feel nausea, confused, fatigue, as well.

What other measures can you take to prevent carbon monoxide exposure?

You can protect your home by heeding warnings, and complying with recommendations outlined by NFPA. (National Fire Protection Association) You will find helpful resources online.

In summary, you should avoid using secondary heating devices to heat your home. Ultimately, if you must use secondary heaters make sure that you adhere to NFPA rules.

Keep the heaters away from areas, which may cause potential risks. Space heaters are one of the leading reasons that people die or survive home fires.

The space heaters give you a hint…SPACE…>this means the heaters need their space to function properly.

Common sense tells you that using space heaters unwisely can lead to danger. In conclusion, to avoid carbon monoxide be sure to ventilate your home properly and supply proper heating.

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