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August 22, 2009

Host A Bridal Shower At The Office!

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bridal shower4Bridal showers are much less formal than in the past.

With more people working long hours during the day, an office shower is the answer for many busy people.

Most offices now have more relaxed rules about socializing, making the office a perfect place to throw a bridal shower.

There are many ways to hold a bridal shower.

Some brides prefer a couple’s shower that includes the groom, while others prefer a more traditional women-only party.

Bridal showers that are held in the office are easy to plan and you can count on the attendance to be high. When you get ready to plan a bridal shower in the office consider the following tips and ideas to host the perfect bridal shower at work.

Most bridal showers are held about two months prior to the wedding. This gives the bride and groom plenty of time to plan ahead, while they are still concentrating on their wedding. If you are giving a bridal shower in the office, this is no exception.

Also, before you plan a big shower at the office, consider the bride and groom’s guest list. As a general rule, it is not good etiquette to invite someone to a shower that has not been invited to a wedding.

This is not a hard and fast rule though. There are exceptions, such as when the bride and groom travel far away for a wedding and might only have family in attendance.

Steps you should take when planning a bridal shower at the office:

When planning a bridal shower at the office, the first step you should take is to talk with the management and get permission.

You might find that your company prefers that the shower be held outside of the office during lunch break. Others might approve of giving the bridal shower at the office and not have a problem with doing so.

Also, consider everyone’s work schedule. Make sure that you plan the bridal shower at a time when everyone can be in attendance.

If you work somewhere that must stay open to customers or clients, be sure that there is a time frame when the shower will not be interrupted.

Lunchtime might be a perfect time to plan the bridal shower. Try to keep the bridal shower from becoming lengthy when you are hosting it during the day. Usually an hour is a perfect time.

It might even be possible to request a long lunch hour for the shower. If you are giving the bridal shower during lunch hour, consider a potluck style luncheon.

Have everyone bring a certain dish, so that those who are invited can enjoy a meal and the shower at the same time. The other option is to collect money before the shower from everyone.

Use that money to purchase a catered meal, deli tray or other easy to serve refreshments. Do not forget to include drinks and other items you will need such as eating utensils, plates and napkins. Remember that alcohol is not appropriate in an office setting. Limit the drinks that are offered to sodas or non-alcoholic punch.

Many times when bridal showers are held at the office, everyone likes the idea of contributing money towards one large gift. This can often be the easiest way to have a bridal shower at work. Having one large gift will cut down on the amount of time needed to open gifts.

In addition, individuals can contribute any amount that they see fit and not feel pressured to give expensive gifts. If you do collect money and find that they contributions are low, consider having less food and snacks and concentrate on just a cake and drinks.

If the bride has not registered for gifts, consider purchasing a gift card with the money that has been collected. This can be a great way for the bride and groom to buy exactly what is needed and is almost always appreciated.

In addition, when you are giving a bridal shower at the office, try to keep decorations to a minimum for easy clean up. There may not be much time for set up or the office may have limited amounts of space.

Place tablecloths on the tables and hang a banner or balloons. This should be enough decoration to set the mood without going overboard.

The main idea of a shower in the office is to get co-workers together to honor the bride or groom. Everyone can appreciate a shower that is kept simple, but festive.

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