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September 2, 2009

Helpful Hints On How To Perfect The Long Putt!

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long puttEvery golfer develops their own putting strategy, but some basic principals need to be followed.

The long putt is a very necessary tool in the game of golf.

The following paragraphs are some general putting instructions that can be incorporated into the practice of long putting.

Perfecting the long putt:

Putting is thought of as the most important skill in golf. You need to send the ball exactly where it needs to go, which would be in the direction of the hole.

The first step in learning to put is to master the pace. This is especially true for long putts, but is true for any putt. Not matter what putting strategy you use, you need to develop a smooth putting rhythm.

Part of perfecting the long putt is to let your arms hang loosely and hold the putter lightly.

Both hands should hang like a pendulum from the shoulders. Ben Crenshaw is one person that has been thought of as a master putter. You can use him as an example for some of your putts.

The next step in the long putting process is to move the putter away from the ball slowly, while you hinge your arms from your shoulders, and not your wrists.

Then, you need to keep the putter head as low to the ground as possible. The putter should be on a line square to the target as you swing it back and forth.

The next step is to maintain your tempo through the swing, accelerating it slightly into the ball. Then, you need to watch the putter head strike the back of the ball on the upswing.

In the process you need to feel as though the palm of your right hand is striking towards the target. The best putting strokes are made when the back stroke is the same speed as the front stroke.

After that, you would then follow through with your club to the hole with your club, instead of using your eyes. You can accomplish this by making sure you keep your eye on where the ball was rather than were it has gone. Then, you should count to yourself to two before you look to see how well you did.

It may be a shock to hear that you should not look at where the ball is going. People would think in the beginning that this would be impossible. However, it has proven to be the best way.

In order to perfect your long putt, you also need the right putter. This is a golf club that is used for putting shots.

Generally, just like anything else in golf-the right putter for you is the one that feels right for you. However, if you need additional guidelines to help you choose read on.

Types of putters:

The best choice of putters to use, according to teaching pros, is the short ones, and preferably what is called the conventional putter. This one helps you take the classic putter stance, but it also requires quite a bit more coordination.

You can hardly move your wrist, and that is a hard concept for some. However, if you can manage it, a conventional putter is recommended for you.

Another type of putter that is used is the belly putter. This one is longer, so that it reaches your abdomen, which can be used as an anchor. Wrist action is easier to control with the belly putter but the overall feel is reduced, and distance control is harder to maintain.

The long putter is used for greater putting distances, and it is great for people who have weak or aching backs. Long putter takes some of the pressure off of them.

Long putter helps take the wrist action out of play; however distances are easier to control. That is why it is meant for longer putting use in most cases. Therefore, long putter is usually the recommended on in some cases.

It is entirely up to you which putter you use to perfect your long putt. It really can be done with any putter if you learn the feel of the club against the resistance of your body, or of your putting action.

Any one of the three mentioned putters are great for using when you need to give that ball just enough push to make it go where you want it to go-towards the next hole target.

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