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September 14, 2009

Handy Tips For Men To Shop For The Lady In Their Life!

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giftThat special day is just around the corner, whether it be an anniversary, birthday or congratulations for a promotion on the job.

Many often want to buy a special memento for those occasions but they are intimidated by shopping for the lady in their life.

The perfect gift can be found if you concentrate on buying something you know they want as opposed to something you think they want.

Here are some gift ideas for your lady:

The old saying goes that all women love jewelry.  For the most part, this is true. If you know your lady’s ring size, all the better. On the other hand, you can buy perfectly lovely jewelry items without knowing a ring size.

When it comes to jewelry, especially for a new girlfriend, stick to classic items, such as gold chain necklaces, elegant stud or small hoop earrings and simple bracelets.

When at all possible buy real gold or silver jewelry because no one likes to wear jewelry that turns their skin green when the gold or silver plate wears off.

Buying perfume is a difficult call unless you know what your lady friend already wears. One way to find out what they are wearing is to ask them after complimenting them on the fragrance.

There isn’t a woman around who won’t tell you what fragrance they are wearing if you ask them nicely. It is inadvisable though to purchase a fragrance for someone that you don’t know well.

Fragrances are very personal and perfume smells different on each person that wears it. While it may smell great on the girl selling the fragrance, it may smell totally different on your girlfriend.

If you really want to buy a fragrance for a loved one, consider buying scented candles instead of perfume.

Lingerie is a great gift item, but only if you really know the size of the person you are buying for. Telling a sales girl that you are looking for a size like hers, rarely works.

It is embarrassing for a lady friend to receive lingerie that doesn’t fit because she will have to return the item and you’ll probably never get to see the item on her. Stick with what you know and only buy lingerie if you know the size that you need.

Buying gifts for a new girlfriend can be easier than buying for a lady you have known for a long time.

Items that are generally acceptable include flowers, candy, a bottle of wine, gift certificates for a spa or a movie theater, small gift baskets or even a treat for their pet. It is best to stick to things that aren’t too personal when you just start dating.

If you are buying a gift for a girl that is just a friend, then stick to simple items that don’t seem too intimate, such as gift certificates, small gift baskets during the holiday season, treats for their pets, such as a toy for a dog or some catnip for their cat, music CDs, movie DVDs or house ware items.

Finally, buying gifts for your mother can be a little tricky, but arguably she is the most important lady in your life. You should know by now what her favorite flowers, perfume and taste in jewelry are.

Most moms love beautiful flower arrangements that they can place on their tables, perfume gift sets and classic jewelry.

If she has already has everything, consider sending her on a special vacation trip for memories that will last a lifetime. You can’t go wrong when you give that special lady in your life a gift that comes from your heart.

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