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August 20, 2009

Great Ideas For Creating A Bridal Shower Theme Basket!

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theme basketMany bridal shower guests struggle with what to purchase the bride-to-be for her bridal party.

Even if she is registered, it can be difficult to find the gift that seems “just right” to buy.

One cute and irresistible idea for the bridal shower is to create a bridal shower theme basket. The possibilities are truly endless!

Understanding the Bridal Shower Theme Basket

A bridal shower theme basket is a combination of items that are related to each other in one way or another. The items can be useful or fun, serious or whimsical, romantic or funny, or they can be traditional or nontraditional.

The bridal shower theme basket can be created in any way that reflects your feelings or personality, as well as those of the bride-to-be.

Destination Theme Baskets

If you know where the bride and groom will be heading for their honeymoon, consider putting together a destination theme basket.

For example if the happy couple will be going to Hawaii for their honeymoon or even if they are having a Hawaiian-themed wedding, you can put together a Hawaii basket.

In this theme basket, you can include items, such as a Tiki bar handbook describing drinks and appetizers, Hawaiian scented candles, hula girl glasses, and Hawaiian skincare products such as moisturizers, scrub, and sunscreen.

Cooking Theme Baskets

If the bride-to-be loves to cook or needs a little encouragement in the department, you might want to consider a cooking theme basket. The possibilities for this sort of themed basket are quite varied.

For instance, if she likes to cook on the grill, you might put together a theme basket containing barbeque spices, an apron, a master grill set, and gift certificates for meat.  If she is a gourmet chef, provide her with a basket filled with a variety of herbs.

Baking baskets filled with mixing bowls, whisks, and other baking supplies are also a great idea. Or, get more specific with an Italian basket. In this basket, you might include Italian herbs and seasoning, spaghetti sauce, dish towels, a pasta scooper, spaghetti noodles, and a strainer.

Romantic Baskets

Considering the bride-to-be will be soon embarking on one of the most magical and romantic nights of her life, you might want to help her along the way with a romantic basket.

For example, create a basket with a bottle of champagne, two champagne glasses, and candles, a CD of romantic music, bath oils, bubble bath, and massage oils. You might even through in some lingerie or something naughty, depending on the group that will be attending the bridal shower.

Or, create a basket for a night in the tub with washrags, towels, bubble bath, candles, and bath toys.  Another fun “couples” basket is one set up for an evening together, containing a gift certificate for a movie rental, a gift certificate for pizza, microwave popcorn, theater candy, and soda.

Another romantic idea is a basket of candles. But, these aren’t just any ‘ole candles. These candles are specially selected – 12 candles for the first 12 months together.

A white candle is for the night of the honeymoon, pink is for the first Valentine’s Day, green is for the first St. Patrick’s Day (for the luck of the Irish), purple is for the first Easter, red/white/blue is for the first 4th of July (to keep the “fireworks” alive), blue is for the first Veteran’s Day (this is particularly meaningful for a military wife), orange is for the first Thanksgiving, red is for the first Christmas, yellow is for the first New Year, burgundy is for the first company dinner, light blue is for the first fight, and cream is for the first anniversary.

Helpful Baskets

If you wish to go with a more practical, yet fun, approach, you might want to consider a basket of household supplies. In this case, the basket should be a laundry basket.

The laundry basket should then be filled with helpful household items that you can never seem to have enough of, such as paper towels, tin foil, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and Ziploc bags.

Or, create a basket of those little things you never think about until you need them, like pens, twist ties, light bulbs, toothpicks, gum, and dental floss.

Hobby Baskets

A basket consisting of items pertaining to the bride-to-be’s hobby is another great idea. If she likes sports, painting, photography, or scrapbooking, fill a basket with supplies typical to these hobbies. Or, maybe she would be interested in having her own tools to keep around the house.  Whatever her hobby, there are bound to be an abundance of supplies you can purchase.

Miscellaneous Baskets

Other theme baskets you can create are ones centered on a certain time of day, such as a dinnertime basket, breakfast, or bedtime. Another great themed basket idea is to create a basket of “Everything you will need from A to Z.”

With this basket, you purchase something for every letter of the alphabet (such as aluminum foil for A, bath soaps for B, etc.) and attach a note explaining the letter of the alphabet each one represents.

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