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September 4, 2009

Great Finds Of Vintage Monkey Fur Coats!

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monkey fur coatAlthough not mostly popular in the modern times, monkey fur was a popular fad in the early 1900s.

Coats and capes lined with shaggy but shiny black monkey fur often lined with black satin or silk were very in demand and popular among the glamorous starlets of Hollywood and the elite as well.

The concept of vintage monkey fur coats may be a bit odd nowadays but these coats were very common in the 1930’s and women of those days thought of nothing else than wearing them, if they were able to afford it.

Monkey fur coats are mostly made from the colobus monkeys fur. This black and white colobus monkey species are found in the forests of Central and Eastern Africa, and at present colobus monkey killing for monkey fur coats are illegal and therefore owning a monkey fur coat has to either be antique or accompanied by CITES permit.

Vintage monkey fur coats can still be found in the market, although there may not be a lot of them around anymore.

Another thing to consider if you really want to own vintage monkey fur coats is if you are ready to wear them because they can be really eerie at times as they are very much like human hair and some people my not feel comfortable having them around.

Here are some finds of vintage monkey fur coats:

Rare Monkey Fur Stroller Cape Coat (Estate Find Vintage)

This vintage monkey fur coat is extremely sought after and is a rare one.  In the 1920’s stroller or cape monkey fur coats were very popular and this one is one of its kinds.  This vintage monkey fur coat is impossible to find now and is sought after by collectors for its rich history.

It has a closure that looks like a chain of bakelite with crochet ball on both ends.  The collar is velvety smooth fur; it also has two matching pockets on the lower arm extension part.

Circa 1898 Monkey Fur and Silk Velvet Cape

This vintage monkey fur cape has a corded design over the entire cape and the streams and glass beads as well.  The neck is trimmed with monkey fur and folds down, and both the sides of the front are also trimmed with monkey fur.

It has an eye and single hook closure at the neck.  The color is jet black and the inside is lined with a heavy cotton fabric.  Although having a minor wear, it’s still marvelous for its age.

Vintage Beautiful Monkey Coat

This vintage monkey fur coat was purchased in a vintage clothing store in 1946 and is a rare beautiful coat, which is about a medium size and was relined around the same time.

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