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April 10, 2009

Global warming – Unsecured future demanding attention

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A Perfect Morning at Glacier National ParkThough there is already a lot of perplexity all over the world due to global economic recession, environment crisis is also calling for immediate attention these days. The consequences of the whooping average temperature because of global warming can now be witnessed in some parts of the world. Heat wav in Europe in 2003 is one example. From food crisis to increase in health hazards, there are many challenges in the pipeline due to a constant increase in global warming.

Since 1990, the world has already recorded its data for the ten hottest years till today. The average temperature is expected to rise by 3-9 degrees by the end of this century. Coal producing US power plants along with pollution from automobiles is believed to be the two major culprits that emanate pollutants like CO2 and others. It is these pollutants that are responsible for creating a blanket near the Earth and trapping harmful sunrays. This contributes to global warming and is ultimately causing a constant increase in the average temperature on the face of the Earth, with every passing year.

From Darkness to Light - please readScientists are of the opinion that if the Earth’s thermostat continues to rise, human health issues would also climb with the graph with the same pace. Soaring temperature along with excessive flooding, stronger storms and rise in sea-levels would together cause an outburst of innumerable health diseases among people. The diseases would also vary from life-threatening issues to topical diseases such as allergies and asthma.

In fact, many scientists presented a report in 2008, which says that toxic ivy vines that are found near Savannah, Ga are already 10 times denser in the last twenty years. Toxic ivy produces stronger irritants that cause health problems. Excessive growth of toxic ivy is also a consequence of untamed global warming.

Furthermore, going by the latest study, there is a huge risk that global warming may also cripple food supplies by the end of the century. Almost 3 million people are expected to be a victim of this food crisis that is believed to hit the subtropical and tropical regions after 100 years. In such a situation, these people will have no choice but to shift to milder areas with their families, in case efforts are not made now to keep a check on global warming.

Another cause of worry is the heat wave, like the one similar to the wave which hit Europe and killed around 52,000 people in 2003. Finding by scientists also suggests that this would become a custom by 2080, all thanks to global warming again.

So, this is the time to unite and take action. Massive awareness along with prompt individual action would prove to be of great help in this regard. Scientists are also thinking about ways in which they could increase the heat resistance of plants in tropical areas.

As far as local strategies are concerned, green buildings are being made in US for energy conservation, betterment of infrastructure is also considered in areas near the coast as they are more vulnerable. Hence, the time demands from everyone to act as “ONE” and fight against global warming, before it’s too late.

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