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August 11, 2009

Giving Good Gag Gifts During A Bridal Shower!

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Gag gifts can be a fun way to give gifts, especially at a bridal shower. The key to giving a good gag gift though, is to know your recipient. Before you give any gift that might be construed as inappropriate, think about the guests that will be in attendance. It is fun to get goofy and give great bridal shower gag gifts.

Most brides will probably appreciate the humor in a gag gift. Since many bridal gag gifts tend to be on the naughty side, know the bride and her personality. Also, before breaking out any gifts that might be offensive, find out who might be at the shower.

It may not be such a great idea to give that edible underwear, if great Aunt Edna will be at the shower. The shower may not be a good time for laughable gifts; then you might try to hold a separate “girls night out” or bachelorette party where such gifts will be more appropriate.

How to give gag gifts during a bridal shower?

If you do decide on giving gag gifts during a bridal shower, one fun way to do this might be to host a gag gift exchange party. This is a great way to get all the guests involved and better yet, everyone walks away with a party favor they will always remember.

On your invitations instruct each guest to bring a wrapped gag gift. Consider having a spending limit, so each gift has the same value. Before the gag gift exchange begins, count the number of guests that brought a gag gift and label slips of paper with a number for each guest.

Next, have each guest draw a number and place all of the gifts in the center of the room. Start with the person that drew number one. That person is allowed to pick any gift from the center that they choose. They will un-wrap the gift and show it to everyone. The person that has number two has the choice to either take away the un-wrapped gift or un-wrap a new one.

Each person takes a turn doing this. If the participants are having a great time, it will be fun to watch them “steal” gifts from other guests during the game. After the last person has un-wrapped a gift, the person that went first has the option to keep the gift in their hand or take any gift from any person in the room.

There are many variations of this game. Guests can opt to give the bride their gift instead of taking it home with them. You can also establish categories that the gifts should fit into, such as movies, clothing, food or music.

If you want to steer away from the “naughty” items, make sure you make that clear on the invitation. Some hosts may also choose to change the rules a little by allowing a gift to be stolen only two or three times during the course of the game. This is a good option if the time is limited.

There are many fun and silly gag gifts that are perfect for the bride-to-be or to use for a gag gift exchange game for a bridal shower.

Many party stores and specialty shops carry funny gag gifts. It is also easy to order silly gag gifts from online companies.

Few suggestions that might keep shower guests laughing well after the shower is over:

Marriage Survival Kit

You can purchase kits like these from stores, or you can put one together yourself. Things to include might be a book on how to get along with your spouse, aspirin, massage lotion, a book about new things to try in the bedroom and racy lingerie.


If you know the bride’s size, lingerie can be a perfect gag gift. Look for something that the bride would not buy for herself. You might also try to find the groom a matching pair of boxer shorts. There are also many styles of humorous underwear and panties for both the bride and the groom.

Coupon Books

Make a coupon book for the bride-to-be to give to her new husband. Think of things that will make both of them laugh. Maybe include a coupon for a massage or a bubble bath.

You can even include coupons for a movie night, dinner at a favorite restaurant, a candle lit dinner at home, a chore around the house, or even one night of watching what she wants to watch on television. Get creative and these coupons will be a big hit.

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